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Keen to learn more about the exciting space of an early stage eCommerce startup? Have an eye for detail, an appreciation for great design and a collaborative work ethos?  Check out our Job Ad for our paid Content Intern post that we've just opened applications for. Feel free to check in at for any queries. Follow this link to the Job Ad:  

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Next Level: 500 Plants in one Apartment

Inspiration can come from seeing the extent of what may be possible.  Meet Summer Rayne Oakes, a Brooklyn resident who has turned her apartment into a living, breathing plant-scape, with over 500 plants. It all started with a single 4 feet-tall fiddleleaf fig plant, which has now taken over the entire bedroom ceiling. Over time, Oakes has added a wide variety of herbs, fruits, and vegetables; as well as loads of ornamental plants. Something of a biodiversity hotspot, in urban NYC.Every possible surface and container have been used - green walls adorn the walls, small greenhouses, mason jars and even recycles tea tins. Oakes with an Asparagus Fern in a Terracotta Pot Her apartment could be described as an inner...

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Exit Nursery. Enter Plantify.

At Plantify, we love plants and what they do for us. Our reason for being is to make Plant Ownership as easy, delightful and rewarding as possible. For many people, selecting, buying and caring for plants is a major mission, for these reasons: Getting a plant requires a drive to the nursery, usually on a Saturday morning, when you'd rather be sleeping in, or meeting friends for breakfast. You've seen the plant that you'd like on Pinterest or in a magazine, but don't know if it'll be in stock when you get there - trip wasted?... You know that Plants like a certain amount of light, water but the label on the plant says something like "bright light, water frequently". There's a...

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