Plant Care Advice

Being a Plant Parent comes with a new set of skills for keeping them thriving. Plants may present different symptoms and  needs over their lifetime in relation to certain aspects of their living environments, which may include:

  • Lighting requirements or adjustments
  • Pests infestations
  • Repotting 
  • Fungal or Bacterial Infections
  • and Identifying Watering issues.

At Plantify we understand the importance of wanting to keep your plants as healthy as possible.

We will support you in 3 ways:

  1. On our Website, you’ll find our Plant Care Tab: for a deep dive into the detailed care and common symptoms of specific plant varieties.
  2. Follow our Blogs for expertly researched and original Plantify University articles on subjects such as 7 Steps to make Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Grow Bigger, Faster, Summer Plant Care, and a Guide to Repotting.
  3. Looking for Specific Plant Care Support? send us photos via email, or bring them in-store and one of our Plant Care Experts will gladly help you resolve the problem, whilst sharing some helpful top tips for future success.

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