Plant Repotting

Plants need repotting when they become pot-bound, too large for their planter, or if it needs to support a new growth cycle with fresh soil and nutrients. The best time to repot is during the Spring or early Summer when the plant is gearing up for the growing season. Plantify is here to support you with our In-Store Repotting Service!

Plant Repotting


Our Repotting Service entails:

  • Evaluation: You’re welcome to email us photos if you are uncertain whether your plant requires repotting. Otherwise, bring it in-store and one of our plant care experts will support you in making a decision.
  • Recommendation: We’ll outline the suggested plant pot size and the soil type to use for the particular plant that needs re-potting.
  • Execution: We’ll pot while you browse, otherwise drop and go, we’ll re-pot and email you when it is ready for collection, alternatively delivery can be arranged.


  • All materials are available in store, including a range of suitable potting soils. We will advise on which potting soil is best for a particular plant or make up a beneficial soil mix to support your plant maximally, e.g. by adding Perlite for better drainage.

  • We have a wide variety of Plastic Nursery Pots to upsize in or Choose from our range of Planters and Baskets.

Detailed Plant Care Instructions can be found here.


Our Repotting Service is FREE - we only charge for materials used. We can deliver if it is needed, we charge our standard Shipping rate for Cape Town. See Shipping Policy.

Repotting Plant Services

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