8 Best Houseplants for Low Light and No Light Bathrooms 

In this Blog Post, we explore 8 Houseplant options for No Light and Low Light Bathrooms. Introducing these plants will help you green this oasis in your home, without needing to worry about their long term care. First we’ll look at 4 Low Light and then 4 No Light Plants suitable for Bathrooms. Be sure to read on for the Bonus Plant too.

8 Plants for Low light and No light Bathrooms


We need to look at a few factors when it comes to deciding whether a room is a low light or no light space. Low light situations are often considered spaces that have some natural light coming in from the outside, but this light is not enough to illuminate the room well enough to be able to read without the light on.

Often these spaces are either south-facing (in the Southern Hemisphere), meaning the sun hardly ever reaches that window. Or you have a large building or trees outside the window blocking light from entering. In these kinds of spaces, you may find humidity to be relatively high and the space to be rather cool.

Let’s explore the top 4 Low Light Bathroom Plants below:

Heart Leaf Philodendron (Philodendron Scandens)

There is no way you can go wrong with a Heartleaf Philodendron. This adorable trailing house plant plant is the ideal first step for a low light situation and will create a glorious cascade of heart-shaped foliage, that will draw the eye, and create a soft delicate look in a lower light bathroom space.

The best bit is, that the lower the light, the lower the maintenance for these beautiful houseplants. It is however good to note that in lower light there is a likelihood that the foliage will stay small and the plant can end up looking less full, as it will grow much slower in such light conditions. 

The best solution to combat this and keep your plant looking full is to regularly

take cuttings

to add back into the planter or to go for one of our Moss ball options, which will create texture and interest in a lovely hanging display.

Chinese Evergreens (Aglaonema)

Whoop! Now here is a plant group that everyone should have at least one of tucked in a corner of their home. Not only is the Chinese Evergreen a symbol of luck, but it is a leafy looker. Available in a huge range of patterned and coloured foliage, it makes the perfect bathroom candidate to create interest and contrast with an undeniable tropical nuance.

In a low light bathroom, we would often recommend the darker leafed varieties such as the Chinese Evergreen ‘Maria’ and the oh so beautiful Pattaya Beauty. Both these varieties have glorious dark green foliage patterned with silver, perfect for adding lightness to a dark bathroom corner or Bathtub side.

Chinese evergreens are also unbelievably easy to care for with low watering needs, especially in darker spaces. 

For more Low light Plants Options Check out our Low Light Collection.

Split Leaf Philodendron (Philodendron selloum)

If you’re looking for a large and leafy houseplant for your lower light bathroom, then look no further than the glorious Split Leaf Philodendron. With its old-world tropical charm and ability to brighten a space, there is no lusher candidate for an easy-care no-fuss bathroom houseplant.

It is important to note that as much as we like to consider these plants low light, they can get a little “leggy” and will undoubtedly stretch out wide in search of light. To combat this, we’d recommend rotating your plant at every watering and to choose a spot closer to the light source to keep your plant as full and compact as possible.

Birds Nest Fern (Asplenium)

Now here is a species of Fern that has so many varieties, that it alone could probably create a jungle in all shapes and sizes. The Birds Nest Fern is always a great candidate for any space in your home, though the Bathroom is one of its best locations as it will appreciate the higher humidity levels.

It is relatively tolerant of low light, as long as it is placed close to the main light source, for example, the bathroom window sill. Adjustments to watering will be the most important in a lower lighting situation with these ferns, as less will be more. However, avoid complete dryness which can lead to crisp edges. Taking into account the space availability and lighting, you’ll find there is a Birds Nest Fern species for everyone.

Bonus Plant…

Philodendron Rojo Congo 

This dark leafed beauty is most likely the last houseplant many would think to be ideal for a lower lighting situation, however, the contrast is true. As a self heading philodendron, these stunners are used to sitting low down in the dark recesses of the Jungle floor, where the humidity is naturally higher. This in turn equates to a stunner that will be perfectly at home in your bathroom.

The Rojo Congo has the ability to stand out in the crowd by creating a certain depth that isn’t as easily achievable with green foliage plants. Place this beauty in a light coloured planter and use it as an accent piece in a corner that requires a little upliftment. Note that like many Philodendron varieties this plant can get big. In time creating a lush full foliage plant that requires space, ideal for those Medium to large bathrooms that require a focal point.            


When it comes to no light, it is what it says on the can. There is no discernible natural light coming into the space, often due to the lack of windows. Nonetheless, if there is some artificial light, preferably LED, then one still has the ability to consider this a safe and happy growing environment for some select houseplants.

Here is our list of 4 ideal plants for a no light bathroom situations:

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

When it comes to finding the ideal houseplant for an extremely dark to artificial lighting area then the ZZ Plant is a must-have with its evergreen glossy foliage. Not only are these plants extremely hardy but tolerant of a varying level of light.

ZZ Plants will happily live in an almost no light situation as long as caution is taken when watering. The ZZ Plant is built to withstand drought conditions and is susceptible to overwatering, so if choosing this as the green statement in your bathroom, remember it is best to rather forget to water, than to water too often.

Mother in Law's Tongue (Sansevieria)

Here is another staple that is often found lurking in those darker corners in homes, offices and now your bathroom adding that little bit of natural calm with little effort.

A Mother in Law’s Tongue is the epitome of structural elegance and is ideal for next to your bathtub or basin. Otherwise use it as a corner filler where it will stand tall and add charm to your windowless room. However, as with the ZZ Plant, being cautious with your watering will keep these stunners happy and healthy.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

If you’re looking for something a little softer and more elegant for your no light bathroom, then we’d recommend looking at all the glorious Peace Lilies available out there.

Some, such as the Peace Lily ‘Sensation’ have glorious large leaves that add texture and charm to any space they are placed in. Otherwise, consider the Peace Lily ‘Chopin’ with its bushy full form and glossy foliage. 

Whichever you decide on, know that you’ll love its ability to instantly uplift a dark bathroom, and bring life and beauty to your very own sanctuary. Do take note, in no light bathrooms, your Peace Lily is less likely to bloom.

Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra)

This delightful houseplant lives up to its name in so many ways and was prized by the Victorians for its ability to withstand extremely low light environments, and was often used by them in their windowless corridors.

Cast Iron Plants can come in a variety of forms, from plain green to variegated or even speckled, which will add contrast and texture to your bathroom space, adding that little extra spark.

In low light when it comes to watering less is always more, making the Cast iron plant a must-have for your no light bathroom, whereby it will create instant tropical vibes with its large deep green paddle-like foliage, and refined stance. They’ll also appreciate the high humidity that will keep their foliage looking blemish-free, as well as cause them to require even less watering than usual.

Bonus Plant...

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum)

These fabulous South African plants are often found growing happily in dappled shade throughout many a South African garden, creating a mat of gorgeous green and white ribbon foliage, some with curls such as the adorable Bonnie.

Spider Plants in a hanging basket tend to create a lush cascade of gorgeous foliage, and as they sprout young from their long stolons will create a curtain of foliage, what’s not to love?

Not only do Spider Plants look great, but will happily tolerate lower lighting conditions, with adjustment to the watering schedule. 


When considering plants for a no-light situation, it is important to rotate your houseplants on a weekly basis, as plants still need some form of natural light to grow, even a basic LED or T5 Light Bulb will work as they have the correct light wavelengths that plants need to grow, and without this, your bathroom plants will become stunted and not thrive.

We recommend taking your houseplants out of the bathroom for one or two days and placing them in a medium-light situation, as to avoid too much relocation shock and prevent leaf burn from the sudden bright light location. Other options include leaving your bathroom light on or investing in one or two grow lights, often found at hydroponics stores, to keep your plants happy and healthy.

It is also important to water less often than stated in most care guides, as these are often written in mind of the houseplants ‘ideal’ situation, and lower light tends to lead to less evaporation and potting medium that stays moist longer than normal. Due to this, one will also need to consider ventilation such as cracking a window or a fan, to avoid both mould growth on your plants and your bathroom walls.

For every home situation, there is a houseplant that will thrive, and our top 8 are the perfect place to start for those of you looking to brighten your bathroom that may not have the ideal lighting situation. Whichever plants you end up choosing know that you’ll be creating the perfect sanctuary to unwind and be calm in.

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