5 Best House Plants for your Bathroom

5 Best Plants for your Bathroom

Houseplants have become a staple in most homes and are a wonderful way to liven up a space and make it feel more homely. 

Adding plants to your bathroom can make it more vibrant to relax in and can be pretty beneficial to many houseplants due to the naturally higher humidity levels found in most bathrooms.  In this blog, we will discuss 5 Houseplants ideal for your bathroom be it bright and naturally lit to fairly low light situations. There’s a plant for every situation, let’s check our 5 best below.


This family of plants is particularly well suited for a medium to well-lit bathroom situation, especially if it receives morning light through a frosted window. 

5 Best Plants for your Bathroom

This mimics the natural environment that they are accustomed to. Both Calathea and Marantha Plants are found growing low down in the canopy of the Jungle, where they often receive very dappled light and extremely high humidity which is essential for keeping them looking their best, making a bathroom the ideal location for these beauties adding a pop of colour, patterns and interest.


If you’re going for an Indoor Jungle vibe, then Palms are a must-have for creating that quintessential tropical feeling in your bathroom. Not only will these plants create an impact in a large bathroom but will love the humidity which keeps their foliage looking pristine.

5 Best Plants for your Bathroom

Placing your Palm near the shower or next to a bath, will not only decrease the chances of your Palm getting crisp leaf edges, but will create that magical jungle feeling. 

Most Palms grow nice and tall, and are considered a statement plant, which holds space, creating a great backdrop for smaller plants in the front.


Provided that you have a relatively well-lit bathroom there is no other perfect candidate than the Delicious Monster. This iconic houseplant will create that gorgeous tropical nuance whilst thriving in your bathrooms naturally higher humidity without any ill effect from the oft extreme temperature fluctuations found in bathrooms. 
5 Best Plants for your Bathroom

Not only are the Delicious Monsters extremely versatile in their display, be it in a Kokedama Mossball as a hanging display near your shower. But they will also be one of the most low maintenance specimens in your home, per se!


We love Heartleaf Philodendrons and Golden Pothos and there is no doubt as to why. Here are plants that will tolerate a variety of conditions with little ill effect, making them the ideal houseplant for those not so bright bathrooms that still need a little green to spruce them up. 
5 Best Plants for your Bathroom

Both the Heartleaf Philodendron and the Golden Pothos are fantastic trailing species that can be used to create that overhead canopy appeal or if made into a moss ball, can be used to create a striking and creative hanging display.


We doubt there is any other plant out there that is as synonymous with a bathroom as a Fern. Loved for their delicate aesthetic appeal and ability to soften edges in your bathroom. Creating the ultimate calming sanctuary.

5 Best Plants for your Bathroom

For most people, the main reason that a fern is their first houseplant port of call is because everyone knows ferns love high humidity, average lighting and consistent moisture.

Here are 3 must-have Ferns for your Bathroom:

Autumn Fern: This lovely little fern is what all imagine a typical fern to look like, except this little guy adds much-needed contrast to a space with its beautifully bronze young fronds. Not only is this a beauty, but they are pretty tolerant of a wide range of lighting situations apart from complete darkness, making them a fabulous addition to many bathroom types.

Macho Fern: If you’re looking for a full, lush hanging display then look no further than the Macho Fern, with its broad deep green foliage and long fronds that will create a comforting celestial canopy above your bath or shower. And as for hardiness, this is definitely a top tier candidate, making it ideal for both beginner plant parents and serious collectors alike. They’ll love a medium to bright bathroom to thrive.

Birds Nest Fern ‘Crissie’: This adorable hybrid of the highly popular Birds Nest Fern is a fantastic choice for any medium to brightly lit bathroom. These adorable filly frond beauties will add depth and quirkiness to your bathtub side or window sill. They’ll thrive in the high humidity, and having them in this environment will make them a fantastic low maintenance option for those who want character without the fuss.

5 Best Plants for your Bathroom
Adding houseplants to your bathroom is a fabulous way to bring your bathroom to life whilst creating a lovely secluded oasis to unwind in after a long day at work. Provided that you stick to a few simple rules of selecting plants that appreciate high humidity, fluctuation in temperatures and choosing plants for your lighting conditions. Overall our top 5 picks are a great place to start.

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