HousePlant Pests: Prevention, Identification & Treatment

As your houseplant collection grows, it will be inevitable that you might encounter some common pests on your indoor plants at some point. Our Guest Blogger, Dr Laura Jenkins ( offers some advice tackling the more ‘real’ side of houseplant care - pest control.

Watering Plants 101: What to Consider?

Our Guest Blogger, Dr Laura Jenkins ( explores in beautiful long-hand form the various aspects to consider when it comes to watering your houseplants. Lots of very practical golden-nuggets and top tips from a seasoned house plant enthusiast. Enjoy! 

Plantify is Moving from 1 December 2019

Plantify is moving to a new home from 2 December 2019!

We're hoping to create an inspiring space for new and experienced plant lovers alike, and are looking to convert an industrial warehouse into a living Indoor Jungle, in the heart of the city.

Plantify Black Friday 2019

We’re joining in on the Black Friday Fiesta this year with these awesome BF Deals in 2019. Get a FREE Chinese Money Plant; FREE Shipping over R500 and discounts on Gift Vouchers. Celebrate #BF2019 with us!