4 Creative Ways to Style Hanging Houseplants

Moving your plants off a floor or surface into a hanging position is an important aspect to consider for any space. From kitchens to boardrooms, adding vertical plants not only frees up space, but also has the potential of creating interest and texture. In this article, we've compiled a variety of creative plant hanging solutions, including Macramé, Wall Rings, and Mossballs.

Whether you’re a seasoned plant parent or planning a new space, use these tips to do more with your plants.

hanging Plant in Andro Metal Plant hanger in lounge setting


Hanging plants is good for humans and the plants themselves! Not only is this an attractive and space-saving styling method. But many plants can benefit from being hung as well. Hanging your houseplants, for one thing, can provide them with the light and airflow they need to thrive. Your houseplants can also prosper in a more secure setting when they are elevated above potential hazards, like being knocked over, trampled on, or chewed by curious pets and children.

As many diseases and pests are spread via stagnant air or contaminated soil, hanging plants can be a useful tool in preventing these kinds of issues. By suspending your houseplants, you can prevent soil-borne pathogens that may cause root rot and other fungal infections.

Furthermore, unlike traditional Tabletop Planters, hanging plants can encourage natural plant behaviours like trailing and climbing. This is often the case with epiphytic plants, or plants that grow on other plants, such as Staghorn Ferns or Hoyas, making them even more appealing.


Here are some fantastic and creative ways to add a one-of-a-kind touch to your decor.


    Ceramic Hanging Planters
    Ceramic Hanging Planters are a popular option for adding style and function to indoor and outdoor spaces. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and offer durability and versatility for displaying a range of hanging plants. Their aesthetic appeal can enhance any decor, from modern to traditional.

    Consider the Moon Hanging Planter, designed for practicality with no drainage hole, for a mess free watering solution.

    To make sure you pick a pot that's just right for your plant, have a look at our Houseplant Pot Sizing Guide.

    Hanging plant holders

    Cotton Cord Hanging Planters
    Hanging Cotton Cord planters are another aesthetically pleasing option for a trendy hanging indoor plant display. They are lightweight and available in a variety of eye-catching colors, such as the yellow Mia Melange Hanging Planter. Made from natural cotton rope or cord in Cape Town (South Africa), adding texture and a touch of elegance to any space. They are available in a variety of designs, lengths, and colors, and can hold a wide variety of hanging plants.

    Shop our stunning range of Cotton Cord Planters.

    Wall mounted Glass Terrariums

    If you're looking for a way to maximise vertical space while making a dramatic aesthetic statement, Wall Mounted Terrariums are a fantastic option too. They add a new and exciting element to any space, turning lifeless walls into eye-catching works of art. With a wide range of shapes, sizes, and plant options, they offer versatility and customization. The addition of a wall-mounted terrarium is a simple way to bring nature into a room while also adding a stylish and calming focal point.

    Glass Wall Terrariums with Hanging Plants


      There are a variety of plant hangers available on the market. From wall mounted options to unique metal, material, or wooden designs that add texture and contrast. 

      Wall mounted Metal Pot Rings
      Mounting pots on the wall is a modern solution for showcasing greenery in small areas or for making a one-of-a-kind living wall. They are available in a number of materials, including metal and wood, and can be installed in either an indoor or outdoor setting. Pot rings can add visual interest to any wall, creating a feature piece,  and allow for easy plant maintenance.

      The Ravi Wall Mounted Pot Ring paired with standard terracotta pots is a great solution for a more traditional look on a patio or balcony, where water spilling on the floor is less of an issue. They're ideal for creating a vertical garden feature.

      The G-string Wall Mounted Ring is great for use indoors, and it is compatible with a wide range of Ceramic Cover Pots so you can mix and match colours and patterns to achieve the look you want.

      Metal wall mounted pot plant holders


      Planter Hangers
      If you prefer a more free-hanging solution or do not want to drill holes in your walls, this is the option for you. Plant hangers are ideal because they are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and colours and can support a wide range of plant weights. Metal hangers, in particular, can add a modern or rustic touch to any decor and are ideal for displaying a variety of hanging plants while also serving as a trellis.

      Metal plant hangers, such as the Andro Metal Hanger, are perfect. They are both durable and sturdy, and are ideal for pairing with a wide range of Terracotta Planter options to mix and match according to your preferences. 

      3 ways to style hanging plants

      3. MACRAME

        Macramé is an ancient art of knotting cords or strings to create decorative patterns, textiles, and accessories. In recent years, macramé has become a popular trend for creating handmade plant hangers, wall hangings, and other decor. It adds a bohemian and natural touch to any space and is a fun DIY project.

        Macramé plant hangers are a beautiful and trendy way to display indoor plants. Made from natural materials such as cotton or jute rope, they add texture and style to any space and come in a variety of designs and lengths. They are another fabulous option for pairing with a variety of planters, helping you create your own unique twist on a hanging indoor garden.

        Shop our range of Macramé to add a soft touch to your hanging display.


        Mossballs, also known as Kokedama, are a Japanese gardening technique that involves forming a ball of soil around the roots of a plant, then covering it with moss and securing it with string to create a unique hanging display. It's a modern alternative to displaying plants in planters, and it helps bring out the plant's inherent beauty.

        Kokedama is a wonderful way to show off houseplants, and it can be made from a wide range of materials, from ferns like our traditional Staghorn Fern Mossball to succulents and tropical plants like the Florida Beauty Mossball or stunning Peace lily Sebastian Mossball. By enhancing the ability of plant roots to take in water and nutrients, the method also encourages robust plant development.

        Mossballs, which can be hung from the ceiling or placed on a decorative plate or plant stand. They sometimes  require regular watering, though this is plant dependent. As a bonus, it's a great do-it-yourself project for eco-conscious individuals who enjoy working with plants.

        Overall, including plants in Mossballs is a sophisticated way to display plants that adds a touch of Japanese minimalism and eco-friendliness to any space.

        Read our Care instructions to find out how to keep your Mossballs healthy.

        For more design inspiration, check out our 6 Creative Ways to Display Indoor Plants in your Home.

        4 Creative ways to Hanging Houseplants


        With the help of some hanging plant tips and tricks, you can create a creative and visually appealing display. Here are some top tips for hanging plants:

        1. Choose the right plant: Not all plants are suitable for hanging, so choose plants that don't mind being root-bound, and don't require watering too often.
        1. Consider the weight: Make sure your hanging planter can support the weight of your plant. Consider using a sturdy metal hanger or a wall-mounted bracket. Also be sure to check your ceiling, as ply boards will often not withstand the weight of a planter. In this case, use beams or curtain rails as alternative hanging solutions. Otherwise, your local hardware store can provide you with the appropriate solutions to meet your requirements.
        1. Check for Drainage: Make sure your hanging planter has proper drainage to prevent water buildup and root rot. Plants that are directly planted in planters without drainage may end up being overwatered, so it is best to think of them as cover pots and slide your nursery pot inside for easy removal and watering.
        1. Positioning: Hang plants where they can get the right amount of light and humidity for their specific needs. When deciding where to put a plant, think about its eventual height and reach.

          Hang plants that require higher humidity levels, for example, over baths, sinks, or in the shower, away from the direct spray of the shower head. Plants that require more light from above can be hung beneath a skylight or under the top of a window. Plants such as String of Pearls or String of Hearts, for example, will begin to bald from the top soil if they do not receive enough light from above.
        1. Watering: Be mindful of watering needs and make sure you can reach the plant easily for watering and maintenance.
        1. Variety: Consider using a variety of hanging plants to create a more dynamic display.

        By following these tips, you can create a beautiful and thriving display of hanging plants in your home or office.

        Aesthetically pleasing and more natural touches can be added to any room by strategically hanging plants. Create a stunning and flourishing green display by carefully selecting plants, hangers, and placement, and then giving them all the care and attention they need to thrive. Trying out new designs and layouts is a great way to make your home more interesting and distinctive.

        Do you lack hanging space? Why not incorporate a virtual element by utilising shelving? Check out our top tips in 8 Styling Ideas for Indoor Plant Shelves.

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