Pot Sizing Guide: Matching Indoor Plants with Pots

Finding a beautiful Pot or Planter that suits your House Plant is creative and fun. Without physically seeing the two components, can raise questions such as: 

"Will the Pot be too big for the plant?", or
"Will the Plant fit into the dope Pot?" 

We know these questions. That's why we've created our simple Pot Sizing Guide to help our fans make these creative decisions quickly and confidently. All of our Nursery Plants have a Tab called "Add a Pot". Similarly, our Pots have a Tab called "Add a Plant" and you can find information on the pot sizes under those tabs.

Here we've listed our common Nursery Pot sizes and matched them up with the decorative pots they'll fit est into. A Piece of Cake. But if you're still not sure, just drop us a mail on hello@plantify.co.za and we'll be only too happy to guide your decision further.


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