Watering Plants 101: What to Consider?

Our Guest Blogger, Dr Laura Jenkins (HousePlantHouse.com) explores in beautiful long-hand form the various aspects to consider when it comes to watering your houseplants. Lots of very practical golden-nuggets and top tips from a seasoned house plant enthusiast. Enjoy! 

Why Are Indoor Plants Trending?

The demand for houseplants has exploded in recent years and continues to enjoy a sustained swell of enthusiasm, despite initially being dubbed as a short-lived ‘trend’ for millennials. In this Blog Post, our guest blogger Dr Laura Jenkins of HousePlantHouse examines the drivers behind this exceptional moment in time. 

5 Fiddle Leaf Fig Facts

Is it possible not to fall in love the Fiddle Leaf Fig? It’s lush, bold, and oh-so-green. Owning one of these sought after indoor plants is a testimony to your excellent style sensibilities and keeping up with the times...