6 Creative Ways to Display Indoor Plants in Your Home

6 Creative Ways to Display Indoor Plants in Your Home

If you already have an urban jungle or are considering starting one, you will need to consider a few factors, like how to display your new plant selections properly.

You could go with some super cute planters and stands, but chances are you will only have so much space for planters and stands in your home. As a bonus, creating a houseplant display is a great way to express your individuality and make your home or office look more stylish. Plants often add a touch of elegance and intrigue to any room, in addition to creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Plant displays can be challenging for those without an eye for design. In this article, you'll find ways to display plants indoors that are both fun and interesting. You can make a stunning houseplant display using these six wonderful suggestions.


Creating miniature worlds and growing unusual plants in Terrariums is a great way to create your own unique mini ecosystem. 

Furthermore, these tiny living environments are extremely easy to make, and you can build your own using whatever container type you like. It is also possible to purchase a ready-made design, often found in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The use of LED lighting can make Terrariums a focal point in a dark corner or a striking design piece in any given room. 

Furthermore, grouping together several terrariums of various sizes can result in an eye-catching display. Another way to think of a terrarium is to consider a single plant enclosed in a glass container or protected by a glass cloche, both of which will benefit plants that like humidity and look classy.

One of the best parts is that terrariums are typically fairly inexpensive to make, making them an excellent display option. Click here for more on How to design a Terrarium.

6 Creative Ways to Display Indoor Plants in Your Home - Terrariums

Mounted Plants

More often than not, you’ll see impressive displays of mounted Staghorn ferns which, no doubt, look incredible when different varieties are displayed as a gallery wall display. However, you’ll be surprised to know that there are a large variety of plant options that can be mounted and still look great.

Most epiphytic houseplants, like delicate ferns such as the Rabbit's Foot Fern and Orchids, look beautiful when they are displayed on a unique piece of wood. But one does not need to stick to wood to create something different. 

Consider mounting a variety of plants, especially trailing options, such as a Prayer Plant, on items such as artsy metal grids or old pot holders. Note that these might rust at some point, though this can take a while. Find old pizza boards or even picture frames to create that fun and authentic design.

When it comes to using wood, look for pieces that will match your interior design or head out and forage for driftwood if you’re near the beach. These pieces often never look remotely the same and can really create an earthy, natural appeal.

6 Creative Ways to Display Indoor Plants in Your Home

Here’s a list of other houseplants that look great when mounted:

Moss Balls

The Japanese art of plant moss balls, also known as kokedama, to create beautiful hanging plant displays dates back hundreds of years.

Moss balls are glorified natural hanging planters that come in a variety of sizes and can be hung at various heights. Plants of any type, whether tropical wonders like Heartleaf Philodendrons or Delicious Monsters, or succulent options like Aloes or Hurricane Cacti, can be displayed this way.

Kokedama doesn't have to be used only as hanging décor to be displayed. They are functional for a variety of purposes and look great as a sideboard centerpiece or on a decorative saucer. As an alternative, think about putting them on a plant stand for a more moderate design choice.

You could even combine two media; for example, you could add several plants to your kokedama to create a special ball of plants, or you could suspend a moss ball beneath a glass cloche or in a terrarium.

Go wild, and feel inspired!

Wall Mounted Displays

Adding that vertical element to your plant display with wall-mounted planters can really create an eye-catching and authentic display. This also helps you create that often-desired jungle appeal. Wall-mounted displays can be made in many different ways, with different types of planters, Wall-mounted hangers, or even fun glass pieces.

However, one does not need to stick to living plants to add a fresh appeal. Consider things such as Botanical art pieces or even framed images of plants to add that extra depth of contrast and interest.

6 Creative Ways to Display Indoor Plants in Your Home

If a living wall is your main aim, instead of relying on an intricate vertical garden system, think about using Wall-mounted pot holders to design an eye-catching layout. Try using different sizes and odd numbers to create an inspiring and attractive display. When it comes to the plants, we recommend combining both upright and trailing options. This both mimics the Jungle as well as adds contrast. Carefully selecting your Planters by shape, colour and texture can also add to the overall look.

You could also look into using glass elements to display your plants. For vertical space, accessories like Wall-mounted terrariums and Propagation vases are a necessity. Glass often has a luxurious look, adding personality and a touch of sophistication that other materials might not be able to achieve.

 6 Creative Ways to Display Indoor Plants in Your Home

Creating Height

Adding a touch of extra height to your plant display adds dimension to your décor. Achieve this by using a variety of plant stands. Try pairing different heights together, which will help create levels and diversity in your plant display. Plant Stands often come in an assortment of materials, such as metal and wood, in a selection of colours. This makes them easy to match with your interior aesthetic.

Though anything can be used as a plant stand, for something a little different, look into using old antique furniture, such as a side table or even milk stools, to add both height and a sense of opulence to your space. 

6 Creative Ways to Display Indoor Plants in Your Home

If you have a room with relatively high ceilings, consider popping a tall plant, such as Parlor Palms or large indoor trees, onto a countertop, if you have the space. This will both create a lush canopy feel whilst also filling empty space.

Large plants aren't the only items that can benefit from an extra lift. If you have a substantial variety of trailing plants but not enough hanging space, consider looking into Mosspoles or using a variety of items, such as attractive foraged sticks, to create a unique and naturalistic plant trellis. Not only will your houseplants look fantastic, but often, if trailing plants are allowed to climb, their foliage tends to get larger. An ultimate win.

6 Creative Ways to Display Indoor Plants in Your Home

Finding quirky items to use as Planters

While we want you to be as enthusiastic as you can be, we also want you to consider the practicality of the items you select.

If you choose to use something unusual, like a teapot, for example, think carefully about the plants you choose or how to solve the drainage problem. The addition of a drainage hole using a diamond drill bit won't be a problem, though, if you're the handy DIY type.

The opening of your new improvised planter is crucial because you need to consider space for your plant to spread, not just its root ball. Therefore, it might not be a good idea to select a lovely vase with a thin neck.

There are no restrictions on what might work. Most retailers have quirky planters like Face pots or even a few more risqué Boob planters that will add personality to your décor. Although practically anything can be converted into a planter, anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Think of these things as your contribution to upcycling, and experiment with using a teapot or vintage mug as an amusing planter. Old colanders can be used as hanging baskets on your patio and even have built-in drainage.

Old Mason jars or vintage vases make excellent planters or containers for propagation. The world's rubbish can be your unique pot. As they say, one man's trash can be another's treasure. Be creative and wow the crowd.

6 Creative Ways to Display Indoor Plants in Your Home

Anything goes when it comes to plant displays as long as a few considerations are made. For instance, make sure your plant has enough light and the right conditions to grow. Remember, even if you feel you lack style, it is entirely up to you how you decide to present your prized plants. If you appreciate it, what is the issue?

Share with us some of your best advice on how to make your urban jungle more interesting.

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