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      We offer a variety of plant supplies and accessories to support your Plant Parenting journey.

      Give your plants the nutrients they need with organic Biotrissol or Phyta Tonic fertilisers. Consider Pyrol or Bioneem if you need an organic pesticide. Take care of your plants watering needs in style with a Metal Watering Can, or enjoy the pure functionality and durability of a 5L or 1L Plastic Watering Can. We offer both glass and plastic misters to meet your plant humidity stipulations. When it comes to looking after your plants' watering requirements, when you have little time, you may want to consider a Self Watering Stick in 2 sizes, either Large or Small.

      Are your Plants needing a fresh start? Our range of classic Plastic Pots and Drip Trays, as well as our premium range of Sebor Super Pots, are perfect for repotting plants. Additionally, you can find a wide selection of repotting ingredients from Premium and Organic Potting Soil to Perlite for adding that much needed extra drainage.

      You'll find a wide variety of macrame hangers in Colour Pops, Classic and Braided styles, for a functional hanging option. Elevate your look with a variety of Pot Plant Stands. For a more contemporary finish, consider our popular Hairpin Metal Stand or Orion Stands.

      There is no gardener without tools! Why not add a Potting Scoop, a Hand Fork, or Pruning Shears to your arsenal? Want to help your plant climb? Choose between one of our 3 sizes of Moss poles for an instant solution.

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