• Promotes lush healthy green growth
  • Helps the formation of flowers
  • Well balanced and organic
  • Perfect all-round feed
  • Best used throughout active growth

Feed your plants with the balanced, organic Biotrissol liquid fertilizer. derived through a natural fermentation product gained from processing sugar beet.

Biotrissol contains a combination of essential nutrients in an organically assimilated form. The vitamins, ferments, and growth-promoting substances contained in Biotrissol strengthen the plants and promote the formation of blooms.

Biotrissol also provides nutrients for the micro-organisms in the soil and thus helps to reactivate the soil.

 Biotrossol is the ideal spring and summer feed to give your plants that extra boost.

Biotrissol offers a complete and balanced fertilizing solution for most indoor plants. Use for succulents, foliage, and flowering plants.

Mix 5ml of Biotrissol per Liter of water and apply it to foliage and soil.


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