Keep bugs and insects at bay with the organic and non-toxic Pyrol pesticide.

This pesticide provides a broad-spectrum pest control. It can be used during the plant's dormant and growing season to kill insects on contact. Pyrol combats insects in all of their life stages, including egg form.

Pyrol's active ingredients consists of only naturally occurring plant oils. It's an insecticide made from plants for plants! Pyrol can be used to combat most insects such as aphids, beetles, caterpillars,ants, mealy bugs, mites, scale, thrips, whitefly and many more. 


Use Pyrol in conjunction with other bug mitigation measures, such as gently physically removing insects from the infected areas with a damp cloth or with warm soapy water.

Dilute 10-20ml of Pyrol into 1 litre of water and spray the plant. Ensure that both the underside and top of the leaves are thoroughly treated. Spray the plants in the coolest part of the day. If your plant is highly infested apply the spray every 7 days, for all other situations apply every 14 days. Repeat as necessary.

R 230.00