HousePlant Pests: Prevention, Identification & Treatment

As your houseplant collection grows, it will be inevitable that you might encounter some common pests on your indoor plants at some point. Our Guest Blogger, Dr Laura Jenkins ( offers some advice tackling the more ‘real’ side of houseplant care - pest control.

Plant Care: Using Common Household Items

What do Banana Peels, Dishwashing Liquid and Vinegar have in common? These common Household items can help you take care of your plants! In this Blog Post we review these and other Household items and how you can use them Up Your Plant Game.

2-Step Plant Health Guide

#UpYourPlantGame with our 2-Step Plant Plant Health Guide! Find Solutions to the most Common Problems in an easy and informative way.

Watering Plants 101: What to Consider?

Our Guest Blogger, Dr Laura Jenkins ( explores in beautiful long-hand form the various aspects to consider when it comes to watering your houseplants. Lots of very practical golden-nuggets and top tips from a seasoned house plant enthusiast. Enjoy!