Philodendron Rojo Congo

Scientific Name: Philodendron congo rojo

  • Deep burgundy, green colouring
  • Lush full foliage
  • Fragrant flowers
  • Plant Level: Easy

Our Philodendron Congo Rojo comes in a 19cm Nursery Pot. 

Unlike other Philodendrons, the Congo Rojo does not vine, preferring instead to grow centrally outward up to a height of approx 60-70cm. It's thus great for a surface such as a side table, counter or plant stand.

A low maintenance, ornamental plant that does well in medium to lower light conditions, but prefers warmer temperatures, so avoid cool corners or chilly drafts.


Follow these instructions to keep your Philodendron Congo Rojo healthy and happy.

Water: Keep potting mixture moist - do not let the soil dry out
Light: Low to Bright light conditions, but no direct sunlight
Humidity: Will appreciate the occasional misting
Fertilize: Feed every 2 weeks with balanced fertilizer during the growing season.


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