15 Indoor Plants perfect for creating a lush office space

15 Office Plants

In the bustling world of office culture, amidst the hum of computers and the shuffle of papers, there exists an often overlooked secret to productivity and well-being: indoor plants. In today’s blog post, we embark on a journey to discover the fifteen best office plants that not only breathe life into your workspace but also enhance your professional environment in more ways than one.

We will provide you with the best options for the majority of office spaces that create an impact and are also simple to maintain. We will explore styling options for a variety of plants, and discuss the reasons why having plants in your office can increase productivity for both your colleagues and clients.

Join us on this wandering, leafy journey and witness firsthand the transformative power of office plants. 

7 Reasons why Plants are good for Office Environments

Before we delve into which plants will make your office the jungle you so desire, let's talk about why they can play such an important role in your company.

Plants will foster productivity: Beyond their aesthetic appeal, indoor plants have been shown to significantly boost productivity levels among employees. This is due to the fact that plants have the ability to absorb noise and echoes. This is a great eco friendly way to create visual buffers, and help minimise any audio distractions from either the outdoors or other office spaces. People often work better when calm - and nothing soothes more than being surrounded by nature.

Enhance Air Quality: In an era where indoor air pollution is becoming a concern, office plants emerge as natural purifiers, filtering out toxins and pollutants from the air we breathe. Many plants have the ability to absorb harmful chemicals from the air, giving back loads of oxygen. So not only do these green guardians create a healthier atmosphere, but they also have the ability to reduce the risk of respiratory ailments, ensuring that your team stays fit, healthy, and focused.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety: Despite many creative efforts by employers to create more welcoming and less stressful environment for employees, most workers will still encounter high levels of stress and anxiety in the workplace. This can take a toll on your employees well-being and morale. Plants are like the secret silent therapists of the world; they can work wonders at promoting relaxation and a sense of calm in a space. It is noted that the presence of plants has been linked to lowered levels of stress, anxiety, and even blood pressure, fostering a calmer and more harmonious work environment.

Boost Mood and Morale: A touch of greenery can really foster a sense of team spirit in a workspace, injecting a dose of positivity and vibrancy into the office atmosphere. Whether it's a splash of colour from blooming flowers, bright, colourful leaves, or the lush green foliage of a tropical plant, these natural wonders have the power to uplift spirits, foster camaraderie, and cultivate a sense of well-being among team members.

Improving Focus and Attention: In today's fast-paced world, many people struggle to maintain focus throughout the work day. Thankfully, office plants have come to the rescue yet again! If used to create small pockets of calm, they will allow staff to find quiet spaces to work with little distraction. Research has indicated that the presence of greenery in a workplace can enhance concentration levels, sharpen focus, and promote a sense of mindfulness, enabling employees to tackle tasks with clarity and precision.

Adding a Design element: Beyond their functional benefits, office plants serve as exquisite décor, adding that little extra something unique to the workspace. Whether adorning tabletops, hanging gracefully from ceilings, or standing tall as focal points in a space, these botanical wonders will elevate the design appeal of your office, creating a welcoming and visually pleasing environment for all that visit or spend their time in the office space.

Promoting Sustainability: As the world moves towards more sustainable practices, the value of integrating indoor plants into office spaces has become quintessential in office design. Plants are a simple yet impactful way to cultivate a sense of environmental change in your business practices. By bringing nature indoors, you not only reduce your company's carbon footprint but also demonstrate a true commitment to eco-conscious practices.

As we continue our exploration of which office plants to incorporate into your office and how, we will categorise them into three distinct sections: hanging, tabletop, and floor-standing, offering a diverse selection to cater to a variety of office spaces and their unique preferences and needs. Let's journey on as we look at the transformative power of greenery and show you how to create a happier, healthier work environment with ease using low maintenance plants.

Best Hanging Plants for Offices

Why add Hanging Plants in an office?

Hanging plants in offices not only has the ability to enhance the look and feel of your office, but also provides many other benefits. They optimise vertical space, making hanging plants perfect for small rooms or office areas, and keep valuable, usable surfaces free. By naturally releasing moisture into the air via transpiration, hanging plants can also improve humidity levels, which is especially useful in dry climates or during the winter when heating can dry out the air.

The presence of greenery, as discussed earlier, can boost creativity, concentration, and mental clarity, helping keep staff productive. Additionally, hanging plants, especially, act as natural soundproofing, reducing noise levels and creating a quieter working environment. They can also have the ability to create the perception of a more inviting and well-lit space by brightening darker corners.

Overall, hanging plants offer versatility in their display options, which can easily be adjusted to complement various interior styles.

Best Hanging Office Plants

How to incorporate Hanging Plants in an Office?

Light and Space: When thinking about adding hanging plants to your office space, start by evaluating the available space and lighting conditions. Offices are often situated in large buildings with UV protective tints on windows or among high rises, where neighbouring buildings may obstruct light from certain directions. Therefore, trying to understand each of your area's lighting, especially those with the most consistent light, is crucial.

Stick to low-maintenance options: Opting for easy and low care hanging plants, such as Spider Plants and Pothos, in an office setting offers several advantages. These plants grow quickly and require less frequent check ins, which reduces the need to bring them down from hanging positions for care. With their ability to thrive indoors and withstand occasional neglect, low-maintenance plants ensure hassle-free and consistently visually pleasing greenery. This convenience not only saves time but also promotes fewer disruptions during the work day.

Select Variety: When choosing hanging plants for an office environment, variety is key to creating a statement. First and foremost, varying plant species will bring a wide array of visually appealing textures, colours, and forms, which contribute to an overall more engaging and pleasing space. Beyond that, a variety of plant species with various care needs and growth habits can lead to an overall more natural and balanced ecosystem, which is, in the long run, less labour intensive. Variety can also bolster resilience against pests and diseases because plants of identical variety are particularly vulnerable to the same pest or disease if it were to break out among the group. And finally, varying plant species with differing air purifying capacities can help boost indoor air quality in a more substantial way. Ultimately, embracing variety in hanging plants ensures a dynamic and truly inspiring aesthetic.

For more Styling ideas, check out: 4 Creative Ways to Style Hanging Plants

Best of hanging Plants

Styling Hanging Plants in Offices

Utilise Hanging Shelves or Planters: Install shelves or planters on walls, or consider hanging shelves and planters from ceilings to arrange multiple plants. This maximises vertical space while adding a decorative touch. For more about styling shelves checkout this article: 8 Ideas for styling Indoor Plant Shelves

Create Hanging Plant Dividers: Use hanging plants to create natural partitions or dividers between workstations or areas, providing privacy. This can be achieved by using macramé hangers or Moss balls, which will add natural texture and visual appeal to these living displays.

Install Ceiling Hooks or Wall Brackets: Securely install hooks or brackets to suspend individual plant pots from ceilings or walls, adding greenery without taking up valuable floor space. This allows you to arrange plants in clusters or stagger them at varying heights, enhancing visual interest. Our metal wall hangers, like the Ravi Ring, are great for this, giving you a variety of options, and ways to choose planters that match your decor style the best. Otherwise, you can add extra visual appeal to your display using a variety of hanging pot holders, such as the Andro Ring that give you the ability to choose between three neutral colours.

Vertical gardens: Investing in a vertical garden design may require a significant upfront cost; however, it can result in long-term savings, particularly with the addition of a self-watering system. Vertical gardens have the ability to transform dull, large, open walls into vibrant conversation pieces. Vertical gardens not only beautify the workplace but also create the ability to design captivating displays with a diverse array of plants. For example, consider displaying them in a pattern using foliage colour or texture.

Best Office Plants

If you’d like support in creating a compelling Hanging Plant Display in your Office, get in touch; we’d be thrilled to assist you.

6 Office Friendly Trailing Plants


Pothos - Best Office Plants

The Pothos is the ultimate office plant. They are resilient, pretty tolerant of a variety of conditions and care aptitudes, and come in a wide range of colours. Consider options like the ever popular Golden Pothos that will add a touch of colour to any display, or the sparkling silver Cebu Blue or adorable N’joy, which will add a little Pizzaz and contrast to an all green leafy arrangement. Above all, their ease of care and tolerance of neglect make them the ultimate must have. Watering them on occasion and providing moderate light is all it takes to keep them healthy and happy. Not only does their luscious foliage improve the overall vibe of the office, but it also helps to filter the air, making it a better place to work.


Philodendron - Best Office Plants
Philodendrons, like Pothos, are commonplace in office settings; perhaps they saw the future and chose to evolve into office yuppies? Jokes aside! You can't go wrong with a philodendron simply because they come in such a wide variety of forms—from bushy, upright plants, like the Rojo Congo and Emerald Green, to more delicate varieties that trail with a rainbow of leaf colours and shapes, such as the Philodendron Brasil or Florida Beauty. They reach maturity quickly, require little care, and thrive in a wide range of lighting situations (avoid direct sunlight, of course). They're versatile, perform well in different settings, and most importantly, they'll keep the air in your office clean and fresh. 

3.Spider Plants

Spider Plant - Best office plants

The Spider plant is a fantastic addition to any hanging arrangement because of its vividly variegated, strappy foliage, which gives the display personality and texture. Likewise, they will gradually add another enchanting dimension to your canopy when they begin to produce pups, which will cascade down from the mother plant, creating a curtain of foliage. The Spider plant, which grows best in indirect sunlight and only needs occasional watering, is well-known for requiring little maintenance, which makes it ideal for a busy workspace. Beyond its beauty, it is just another one of those incredible purifiers that makes the office healthier.

4.Kangaroo Fern

Kangaroo Fern - Best Office Plants

With its rich, deep green leaves that give your workplace hanging display a little texture, the Kangaroo fern is a beautiful accent for any hanging arrangement. It is ideal because of its distinctive, arching fronds and unique leaf shape, which will provide a dynamic visual interest. This hardy plant needs little maintenance - just routine watering and the odd misting to keep the humidity levels up - and grows well in low to medium light. The Kangaroo Fern is perfect for office settings since it is not too fussy about its care.


Hoya - Best Office Plants
Hoyas are an excellent accent to a hanging garden in an office. There is an enormous range of interesting leaf forms available, such as the rounded leaf of the Obovata or the funky Hoya Compacta. Many have newly emerging leaves that contrast with the older foliage, usually burgundies, reds, and pinks, and some have exquisitely patterned foliage, usually flecked with silver, giving them a truly charasmatic appearance. Hoyas frequently produce delicate, fragrant flowers, and have thick, waxy foliage. They are wonderful for sunnier offices since they thrive in areas where indirect sunlight gently filters through, making them perfect for bright, filtered light spaces. Given their interesting foliage and low maintenance needs, they just need occasional misting and a little watering, so you can enjoy their beauty fuss-free. 

6.Swiss Cheese Vine

This eye-catching indoor plant infuses any area with a hint of the exotic. The Swiss Cheese Vine really adds to any hanging display with its distinctive, hole-filled leaves and vivid green colour, making it a eye-catcher in your office. Because Monstera adansonii prefers strong, filtered light, well-lit indoor locations are ideal for growing it. It needs very little maintenance; simply keep the soil somewhat moist and fertilise it occasionally. The Swiss Cheese Vine is a chic, low-maintenance plant that enhances mood and décor and is perfect for contemporary office settings.

Best Office Plants

      4 Office Friendly Tabletop Plants

      Why include Tabletop Plants in Offices?

      Including tabletop plants in offices offers numerous benefits. They create natural divisions in shared spaces, fostering privacy and delineating work areas. Moreover, they soften the harsh aesthetic of office environments, particularly under bright lighting, by adding a touch of greenery and warmth. Additionally, plants contribute to improved air quality and overall well-being, enhancing productivity and morale in the workplace.

      Styling Tabletop Plants in Offices

      Plants on a tabletop are an easy and effective way to liven up a desk at the office. Choose desk-friendly plants that are compact enough to fit neatly without taking up too much space. Consider planter boxes or a row of planters between desks, which are great for separating personal desk space while creating a sense of individuality.

      Think about adding a chic planter with a show-stopping plant to the coffee tables and reception desks in waiting areas to make them feel more welcoming to visitors. Decorating empty shelves with greenery provides a revitalising atmosphere that enhances the overall look of the office. 

      Placing individual plants on each workstation not only adds a touch of nature but also fosters a sense of well-being and commitment among employees, resulting in a more pleasant and productive work . 

      4 Office Friendly Table Top Plants

      7.Chinese Evergreens

      Chinese Evergreen - Best Office Plants

      The Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema) is a show-stopping plant with beautiful, often patterned leaves that will brighten up any room. With leaves that range from deep green to variegated patterns of silver, cream, and red, this plant brings a touch of exotic beauty and elegance. Chinese Evergreens are perfect for offices because they do not need much light and water only when the soil feels dry, making them truly low-maintenance plants. They are ideal for offices because of the improved air quality they bring about thanks to their air-purifying properties. Available in a variety of stunning cultivars such as Silver Queen, Pattaya Beauty, and King of Siam, these plants are more than just decoration. In Feng Shui, Chinese Evergreens are considered good luck charms, believed to attract prosperity and positive energy, making them an excellent choice for both home and office.

      8.Mother in Laws tongues

      Mother in Laws Tongue/ Snake Plant - Best Office Plants

      The Snake Plant, also known as the Mother-in-Law's Tongue, is a timeless symbol of elegance and resilience. Its sleek, upright leaves and striking variegation bring modern design appeal to any space. Ideal for offices, this compact plant thrives with minimal care, requiring only occasional watering and indirect light—perfect for a busy professional environment. Available in various varieties, such as the classic Sansevieria trifasciata, the common green silvery-striped beauty, the Sanseveria ‘Golden Future’ with its striking yellow leaf margins, and the stylish Sansevieria Moonshine, a silver wonder, each offers unique leaf patterns that add visual interest. Beyond its beauty, its hardy nature also contributes to improved indoor air quality, enhancing overall workplace wellness.

      9.Cast Iron Plants

      Cast Iron Plant - best Office Plants

      The Cast Iron Plant, named for its remarkable resilience, has been a favourite for both homes and offices for centuries. With its lush, dark green foliage and elegant, arching leaves, it adds a touch of natural elegance to any space. This hardy plant thrives in low light and requires minimal watering and care, making it perfect for a busy office. Simply water when the soil feels dry, and it will continue to flourish with little attention. Its robust nature - capable of withstanding neglect, low light, and fluctuating temperatures - earns it the name "Cast Iron." 


      Dieffenbachia - Best Office Plants
      Dieffenbachia are an exquisite addition to any plant arrangement. Renowned for their captivating beauty and effortless maintenance, these amazing plants seamlessly blend design with functionality. With a diverse palette available, ranging from lush greens to vibrant hues, the Dieffenbachia offers a spectrum of colours to suit any workspace, infusing it with invigorating energy and visual allure.

      Thriving in low to moderate light conditions, this resilient plant requires minimal upkeep, making it a great choice for busy professionals. Its air-purifying properties ensure a fresher, healthier indoor environment, while its striking foliage adds a touch of elegance to any setting. 

      Best Large Office Plants

      6 Best Large Plants for Offices

      Why include larger Floor Standing Plants in offices?

      The classic beauty of Floor Standing Plants can do wonders for the atmosphere in any workplace. These lush accents add beauty and a sense of natural calm to any room. Imagine a vast lobby decorated with thriving plants, taking the ambiance from casual to elegant and tranquil in an instant without visitors and colleagues feeling overwhelmed by the vastness of the open space.

      Adding Floor Standing Plants isn't just about design—it's about creating an environment that inspires productivity and creativity. By bringing a piece of the outdoors inside, these plants provide a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of daily office life. They serve as focal points, sparking conversation and fostering connections among colleagues and visitors alike.

      Moreover, the strategic placement of Floor Standing Plants can delineate spaces within an open office layout, offering a subtle yet effective way to define areas for collaboration or relaxation. Whether nestled in a corner or boldly positioned as a statement piece, these plants add dimension and character to any office setting.

      Styling Floor Standing Plants in an Office

      Adding Floor Standing Plants to your office space is an art form that can transform the atmosphere from mundane to magnificent. To start, embrace the beauty of variety by carefully selecting plants of different sizes, shapes, and textures. Opt for towering palms to command attention or large Dragon Trees for structural intrigue. By mixing and matching, you create a dynamic visual landscape that captivates the eye and sparks conversation.

      Strategic clustering is another key technique to master. Group plants of different leaf shapes and styles together to separate specific areas within your office, whether it's a cosy reading nook or a collaborative meeting space. This not only adds structure to the layout but also imbues each zone with its own unique cosy charm.

      For those seeking to make a bold statement, consider including one or two large plants as focal points. A majestic Fiddle Leaf Fig or a towering Cactus can instantly elevate the ambiance, infusing the space with a particular style of natural beauty.

      Stands and pedestals are excellent ways of arranging plants at different heights - creating visual interest and allowing for the addition of some interior design features. Play around with different heights for the plants to make an eye-catching, compelling arrangement.

      6 Office Friendly Floor Standing Plants

      11.Dragon Tree

      Dragon Tree - Best Office Plants
      When it comes to office plants, the Dragon Tree stands out as the ultimate combination of practicality and beauty. Its commanding presence transforms office environments into a graceful haven. With striking, sword-shaped leaves and structural stems; and with the ability to reach heights of up to 3 meters indoors, the Dragon Tree captivates attention. They serve as a focal point that infuses office interiors with character.

      Dragon Tree's are very low-maintenance - an attribute that is invaluable for offices, where folks have other things to focus on. Thriving in moderate light and requiring minimal watering, it adapts seamlessly to the hectic rhythms of office routines, demanding little attention while delivering maximum aesthetic impact. Its resilience to indoor conditions and pollutants further enhances its appeal, contributing to improved air quality and a healthier, more productive workplace.

      Moreover, the Dragon Tree's versatility shines as it effortlessly integrates into various office layouts. Whether as a standalone showpiece or part of a carefully curated indoor landscape, its adaptable size and shape make it an indispensable addition. 

      12. Parlour Palm or Reed Palm

      Palms - best office plants
      Bringing a touch of tropical charm to your workplace is as simple as welcoming a Parlour or Reed Palm. These palms are a must for any office seeking to cultivate a gentle, soothing atmosphere. Their graceful fronds and lush beauty effortlessly introduce a timeless elegance to any workspace. Ideal for well-lit offices, their compact growth will complement office decor without overwhelming it.

      Caring for these palms is a breeze; they thrive in well-lit spaces with indirect sunlight, requiring minimal maintenance. With regular watering and occasional misting, they thrive, demonstrating resilience amidst the bustle of office life.

      Parlour and Reed Palms are indispensable in offices for their exceptional air-purifying abilities and their capacity to add artistic flair through delicate shadow play. Serving as natural filters, they absorb toxins while releasing revitalising oxygen. With a variety of Size options available, there's a perfect match for every office's unique space requirements.

      13.Umbrella Plants

      Umbrella Plant - Best Office Plants
      The Umbrella Plant is a fabulous addition to an office, especially for adding texture and interest. With its gracefully arching leaves that mimic the shape of an open umbrella, this lush gem adds a touch of uniqueness to any indoor space.

      Thriving in moderate to bright indirect light, the Umbrella Plant is the perfect choice for a modern office environment. Its resilience to varying light conditions and ability to withstand neglect make it a steadfast companion for an office looking for that alluring green touch.

      Reaching an average indoor height of around 1.8 m, the Umbrella Plant boasts an interesting growth habit, making it ideal for sprucing up corners, or even covering bare walls with its abundant foliage as a vertical element. Not only does its cascading greenery create a refreshing atmosphere, but it also acts as a natural air purifier, enhancing the overall well-being of your workspace.

      14. ZZ Plant 

      ZZ Plant - Best Office Plants

      The ZZ Plant is an attractive structural beauty for any office. They are prized for their effortless care, resilience, and beautiful foliage. With its glossy, waxy leaves and sleek upright growth, the ZZ Plant is structural and generally just very pretty!

      ZZ Plants are also wonderful office plants, because they require minimal care and attention, so if you’re looking for a set it and forget it office plant, the ZZ Plant is the plant for you! They thrive in low-light conditions and only need to be watered about once a month, on average. You can’t get any better than that when it comes to low-maintenance greenery for your office!

      They are also available in a range of colours, from the rich greens of the common ZZ plant to variegated forms and even black, like the ZZ plant Raven. ZZ Plant’s can therefore offer versatility to suit any decor. Its compact yet striking form makes it a great mid level floor standing plant, adding a touch of textured greenery around larger foliage plants or on its own, without overwhelming the space.

      15.Natal Mahogany

      Natal Mahogany - Best Office Plants

      The Natal Mahogany is a marvellous addition to any office environment looking for something a little more traditional. Originating from our very own South African landscape, they add a touch of indigenous charm and a great talking point for any proudly South African office space.

      With its glossy, deep green foliage and sleek, upright dense growth habit, the Natal Mahogany commands attention as a floor-standing option. Its robust nature and adaptability make it a practical choice for busy offices, requiring minimal care while looking fabulous, as long as it is kept well watered.

      The classic appeal of the Natal Mahogany will add simplistic beauty to your office. Allow its effortless appeal and South African heritage to turn your office into a stylish haven of proud efficiency. 


      The following are some additional plant options that can survive in an office setting; however, they may require more attention, light, or specific conditions to thrive.

      Ficus Family

      Ficus Family - Best Office Plants

      There are quite a few Ficus options out there, and all are unique and beautiful in their own right.

      These include the Fiddle Leaf Fig, prized for its large leaves and modernistic appeal. The Ficus Longifolia and Ficus Benjamina are classical stunners, often found with braided stems that will add texture and intrigue to your office space. Rubber trees are also great, and loved for their variety of colour options as well as large leaves. Finally, the new on the market Umbrella Fig is a downright stunner, notable for its minimalist appeal, large heart shaped foliage, and outstanding shape.

      However, the Ficus genus can be a bit more temperamental if not provided with their preferred conditions. Offices often have dry air due to the use of air conditioning and not enough light. Though, if you have a lovely, bright office, with a little soft direct sunlight, and a spot that is not in the direct way of air conditioning drafts or open doors, then this family will happily thrive in your space. To help keep them happy with consistent watering, which they love, then look into using Self watering planters and nursery pot liners. These will lower the strain on their upkeep and keep the plants looking pristine.

      Broadleaf Lady Palm

      Broadleaf Lady Palm - Best Office Plants

      These palms are unlike the common leafy options we spoke about above. This beauty has amazing palmate leaves that will add real dimension to your office decor. They’ll add height and that much prized tropical charm to any space. And due to their bushy appearance, they can make wonderful dividers. They can be a little more tricky to care for in an office space, as they need a touch more attention than most plants and a decent amount of bright light. Self-watering systems are also a fabulous option for keeping the Broadleaf Lady Palm consistently moist the way they prefer it. Overall, humidity is the main thing that keeps them happy, so if you are able to provide them with good, moist air, they’ll keep you smiling with their beauty.

      Peace Lilies

      Peace Lily - Best Office Plants

      These ever popular indoor plants are a fabulous addition to offices, especially those with lower lighting conditions. Peace Lily Sensation with its huge, luscious leaves or Peace Lily Sebastian with its tall, graceful fronds are great ways to add extra leaf shape and interest to a mid-level display. They can also flower all year, making them fantastic for adding a pop of interest to your plant arrangement or open office. Similar to many other indoor plants, they require some maintenance and cannot be left on their own for the holidays. Using self-watering pots or finding an office employee who is prepared to take them home during your closure season is therefore the best course of action for them.

      Delicious Monster

      We couldn't leave out the Delicious Monster from our list of must-have office plants. Their ease of care and large, stunning leaves really do make an impact in any setting, hence their popularity. Delicious Monsters can get huge, especially as they mature, potentially taking up significant space and becoming cumbersome in a small office. They’re thus best used in a large lobby with a good amount of textured wall space to allow the plant to climb - in which case - they can make a really fantastic focal point.

      Monstera - Best Office Plants

      There are several advantages to adding indoor plants to office spaces that can improve the workspace's appearance and foster colleague well being. With their rich, colourful leaves, plants like the Delicious Monster not only boost an office's aesthetic appeal but also improve air quality by removing pollutants and raising oxygen levels. Furthermore, studies have demonstrated that adding greenery to an office can improve staff morale, lower stress levels, and increase productivity by fostering a more relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

      Considering these benefits, it is obvious that incorporating plants into your office can make it a cosier and healthier area. No matter what kind of plants you select - low-maintenance or elaborate - the addition of natural components will surely have a beneficial effect. Thus, make the effort to become green in your workspace and exploit the many advantages that plants can provide. By doing this, you will not only improve the environment overall but also help everyone work in a more fun and productive environment.

      If you’d like us to help you green your Office - get in touch! We’d be thrilled to assist.

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