Scientific Name: Philodendron Brasil

  • 12 or 20cm hanging nursery basket
  • Tolerates extreme neglect
  • Trailing plant with patterned leaves
  • Medium to bright indirect light
  • Plant Level: Easy

Our Philodendron Brasil comes in a 12 or 20cm Hanging Nursery Basket.

A fast-growing cascading plant that likes to vine around objects or trail off shelves. Much loved for its typically green-yellow leaf variegation, Philodendron Brasils are extremely rewarding plants which couldn't be easier to keep: They will tolerate a lot of neglect, including underwatering, poor soil and low light.

A fantastic beginner plant with versatile applications.


Follow these instructions to keep your Philodendron Brasil healthy and happy.

Water: Water thoroughly and then allow top 40 - 50% of soil to dry out before watering again. 
Light: Likes bright, indirect light best, but will tolerate medium to medium-low light levels. Keep out of direct sun.
Humidity: Average humidity is sufficient - will benefit from regular misting
Fertilize: Feed the plant monthly in spring and summer with diluted fertiliser. Feed every second month during autumn and winter.

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