Scientific Name: Ficus longifolia 

  • 25cm diameter nursery pot
  • Likes lots of bright indirect light best 
  • Will tolerate medium light levels
  • Plant Level: Medium

Our Ficus Longifolia comes in a 25cm Nursery Pot. 

Long, downward-hanging, slender leaves, set off by a long slender trunk, the Ficus Longifolia is the lesser known cousin of the Ficus Benjamina.

This stately plant adds a calming presence to any room, with its slender leathery leaves that grace the crown of and woven trunk.

A great indoor plant as it adapts easily to the indoor life, and although it likes bright, indirect light best, it can tolerate medium light as well.


Follow these instructions to keep your Ficus Longifolia healthy and happy.

Water: Water thoroughly approximately every week in summer (bright, indirect light) and every two weeks in winter. Wait for the top 2-5cm of soil to dry out before watering again. Do not overwater and do not let the plant sit in a puddle of excess water.
Light: Plenty of bright, indirect light is best, but the plant will tolerate medium light levels as well. 
Humidity: Average humidity is fine for this plant, but will appreciate regular misting to increase humidity. 
Fertilize: Feed your plant every 2 weeks with a balanced liquid fertilizer during the warmer months. You do not need to feed during winter. 




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