Scientific Name: Ficus Benjamina 'Starlight'
Synonyms: Starlight Weeping Fig

Scientific Name: Ficus benjamina
Common Names: Weeping Fig, Benjamin Fig

  • Magnificent dainty foliage
  • Can grow into large trees if repotted
  • Air purifying
  • Plant level: Medium

If you are looking for a true statement plant and are a lover of variegated leaves, then the Ficus Starlight is a true eye-catcher with its dainty almost wistful cream and dusky green mottled foliage and silver-grey branches.

Ficus are ever-popular houseplants and if cared for correctly it will grow into a large tree in time. Your Starlight is a lover of humidity and very bright filtered light as this will maintain its luscious variegated foliage but if placed in direct sunlight will scorch. It also really dislikes being moved around or sudden temperature and light changes. If you do happen to move your Ficus Starlight it may drop its leaves but be patient with time and the correct care they will regrow.

Pair this beauty with a simple planter that will draw attention to the Starlights magnificent foliage and place it in a bright filtered light position, either on a tabletop to create extra height or in a position where it will not be caught by a draft. Wherever you choose to place your Ficus Starlight, be it in your office or at home, know it will be working hard for by not only looking attractive but by cleaning your air as they are brilliant air purifiers removing high levels of household toxins and leaving your space jungle fresh.

They love attention and are ideal for the more attentive houseplant lover as they cannot handle long periods of dryness or neglect.  

Please note: Ficus Benjamina is toxic to pets and humans.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Follow these instructions to keep your Ficus Starlight healthy and happy.

Water: Allow the top 25% of the soil to dry out before watering. Try to keep a consistent watering schedule. 
Light: Plenty of very bright indirect light. Keep out of direct sunlight. 
Humidity: Average humidity is fine though it will benefit from frequent misting.
Fertilize: Feed your tree monthly in spring and summer with diluted liquid fertilizer. 

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