Scientific Name: Ceropegia woodii

  • 14cm Nursery Pot
  • Indigenous to South Africa
  • Vine-ing, heart-shaped leaves
  • Beautiful shower of delicate magenta flowers
  • Loves bright, indirect light
  • Plant level: Easy to Medium

Your String of Hearts comes in a 14cm Nursery Pot with a round trellis.

Fall in love with the exquisite String of Hearts, so named for the leathery, pale-white and magenta coloured foliage that adorns its cascading branches. Whilst it may look delicate and dainty, Ceropegia woodii is in fact rather hardy and very forgiving. Let the soil dry out in between generous waterings, and place in bright indirect light.

You'll soon enjoy the beautiful black-white-purple furry flowers, that accompany the foliage on its trailing descent from a shelf, or its curious windings around a trellis.

A classic houseplant that belongs in every collection. No wonder the String of Hearts house plants goes by so many other endearing names, which include sweetheart vine, chain of hearts and rosary vine. 

Follow these instructions to keep your String of Hearts healthy and happy.

Water: Allow at least half the soil to dry out between watering. Do not let the plant sit in soggy soil. Water less in winter as the plant is dormant
Light: Very bright light and a little bit of soft sunlight is best for this plant
Humidity: Average humidity is suitable 
Fertilize: Feed once a month in spring and summer with a balanced fertilizer diluted by half



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