Scientific Name: Strelizia nicolai
Synonyms: Giant White Bird of Paradise, Natal Wild Banana, Wild Banana, Strelizia 

  • Water wise and very easy care
  • Full, lush green foliage
  • The definitive Jungle Look
  • Plant level: Easy

Comes in a 19cm or 25cm Nursery pot.

If you're in need of the definitive Indoor Jungle looks, for tropical good feeling vibes, then consider adding the floor-standing Wild Banana.

This proudly South African plant has captured the imagination of the indoor plant lovers the world over. It's loved for its full, ever green foliage that fans out into a triumphant display of green

In its natural environment, the Strelitzia Nicolai will grow into large, clustered trees that are 12meters high and up to 4 meters across. Potted in your home, you can expect this house plant to continue generating new leaves from the center of its stem outwards. Water thoroughly, and let the plant dry out a little in between.

Find a nice brightly lit spot in your home - possibly a bright corner of a room - where the Wild Banana will hold court beautifully.


Follow these instructions to keep your Wild Banana healthy and happy.

Water: During the summer months the Strelitzia will need regular watering to keep the soil moist. During winter and autumn, water less allowing the soil to almost dry out before the next water. Careful not to let the soil be waterlogged.
Light: Plenty of bright light. Our variety is "soft grown" in a greenhouse, so they won't tolerate harsh, direct sunlight. Some softer direct morning sun will be fine. Too little light and the Wild Banana won't be happy. 
Humidity: Normal room humidity will be fine. 
Fertilize: Feed twice a month during the growing period (Spring - Summer) cutting back during its dormancy (colder season).


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