Scientific Name: Spathiphyllum 'sweet chico'

Our Peace lilies come in a 14cm Nursery Pot.

Peace Lily - lovely to look at and easy to care for. The Peace Lily is simple, yet striking with glossy dark-green leaves and elegant white 'blooms' that reach up out of the full foliage. 

This South American plant is popular for its ease of care, beauty, and air cleaning properties. 

Light plays an important part in the life of this plant. While it will happily grow in medium to low light, this will result in less flowers being generated.


Follow these instructions to keep your Peace Lily healthy and happy:

Water: Water thoroughly, especially during summer, keeping the soil moist. During winter water less often.
Light: Medium to bright indirect light.
Humidity: Regular misting will keep this plant happy.
Fertilize: Every two weeks with diluted plant food from spring to autumn. 

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