Scientific Name: Crassula spathulata

  • Trailing evergreen leaves
  • Does well in medium to very bright light
  • Waterwise & Indigenous
  • Plant level: Easy

Your Dainty Crassula comes in a 12cm Nursery Pot. 

An indigenous ground cover that is steadily becoming a house plant favorite, due to its incredible "ticks all the boxes" attributes. Spathulata refer's to Dainty's round-shaped, "spatula"-like leaves, growing in plenitude along its multiple stems. 

The Dainty Crassula is evergreen, waterwise and incredibly care easy. It'll grow in almost any conditions - in direct sunlight as well as shade. In full sun, it'll grow thick and full, whilst in lower light conditions, it's "dainty" attributes come to the fore.  

Great beginner plant. And a fantastic addition to any plant collection.


Follow these instructions to keep your Dainty Crassula healthy and happy.

Water: Water thoroughly and then allow top 4-5cms to dry out before watering again. Reduce watering in winter.
Light: Can tolerate both high-light areas to full sun as well as medium light areas.
Humidity: Average humidity 
Fertilize: Feed every second week during the spring and summer months.



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