Plant Setup and Care Basics

Plant Care is Easy... really Easy.
The need for Green Fingers is a Myth!

A. Setup: Finding a Place for your Plant

Light: As a general rule, indoor plants like medium to bright light, but not direct sunlight. Your plants should be happy in a spot that receives 4-5 hours of bright light per day.

Wind: Avoid a windy or draughty areas, as you plant generally prefers a calm environment with no sudden changes in Temperature.

B. Plant Care: How to nurture your Plant

Watering: As a general rule, water your plant once a week. There's no precise quantity of water that you should give. Provide water until the soil is evenly moist and you've allowed any excess water to run off. 

Give you plants 'a soak' every second week: Place them in a bowl, kitchen sink or bath tub for 20-30 minutes and allow them to soak up extra water. This will water any dry patches that may exist within the soil medium. 

Humidity: Plants that grow in areas of high humidity generally like their leaves to be misted regularly. Fill a mister with water and spray the foliage evenly. Every couple of days should be fine.

Fertilize: Fertilize your plant every fortnight during the growing season (Spring to Autumn) and reduce to once a month in winter. Choose a good, balanced liquid fertilizer which your plants can easily absorb. 

Combine your fertilizing routine with your watering routine: Mix the fertilizer into the water that you'll give your plant.

C. Troubleshooting: What to do if you Plant looks unhappy

During the course of their lifetime, plants may become unhappy. Don't panic! This is completely normal and oftentimes can easily be fixed. 

Send us an email ( and we'll gladly email you our Plant Troubleshooting Guide eBook. In it you will find our 2 Step Approach to solving common plant problems easily and effectively.




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