Plant Sourcing

Plant Sourcing

from Aeschynanthus to Zamioculcas

Plant sourcing is what we do, every day. Our fans continue to set us the challenge of finding the plants that make them happy, and we love to find them.

If it's available in South Africa, we'll find it for you. Be it a large Fiddle Leaf or rare Calathea, our sourcing elves will get right to it.

Through our extensive network of growers, located in 5 provinces, and our reliable courier partners, we can source and deliver plants to you safely, reliably and quickly.

Should the plant be too small, we'll keep your details on hand and reach out again once it's ready.


We service a growing number of Cape Town production houses on shoots. Need pics of plants to urgently show your client? Or planning your shoot for next season? Get in touch - we're here to make your plant sourcing process smooth.


Bring some pics of the areas you'd like to green in your home, and our friendly experienced staff will be glad to assist you in-store, giving you advice on possible plants and pots.

Super service - at no extra cost. In a rush? No problem, have your purchase delivered tomorrow.


Have a client looking to expand their plant conservatory collection? Or need advice on which plants are missing in your botanical collection. Get in touch - we'll be glad to explore a more longer-term plant sourcing approach to find the perfect, select pieces. 


    Get in touch, we'd be happy to hear from you.


    Tree Fern

    Zamioculcas Zamiifolia



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