• Easy to assemble
  • Beneficial to climbing plants
  • Keeps larger climbing plants compact
  • Wonderful for creating height
  • Comes in 3 different sizes - for all houseplants

Many of our most popular houseplants are considered to be climbers in their natural environment such as Philodendron and Monstera, whereby they would climb their way up trees in search of brighter light conditions.

Moss Poles are a fantastic way of simulating these growing conditions by proving your plant with a stable support where they can attach onto and climb up, creating a more contained and easily manageable plant.

Our Moss Poles are created with galvanized wiring and coco coir that will provide your plant with a roughened water retentive medium to easily grip onto, while still looking stylish.

Our Moss Poles come in the following sizes

  • Small (4cm x 21 cm) - Ideal for 15cm - 18cm Pot
  • Medium (8cm x 36cm) - Ideal for 20cm - 25cm Pot
  • Large  (8cm x 78cm) - Ideal for 30cm - 35cm Pot

Follow this simple guide to installing your Moss Pole, this is best done when repotting.

  1. Bend base wire to correct height, ensuring base of Moss Pole will touch top layer of soil.
  2. Arrange Moss Pole either in center or near back edge of pot. This is dependent on the plant and its size and the "look" you're going for.
  3. Fill base of pot with some soil; arrange the plant in its position; and the fill the pot with soil.
  4. Using string, strips of stocking or clips to secure the plant to the Moss Pole. Tie up plant loosely but enough to hold plant close to Moss Pole and allow it to establish itself, which means the roots have anchored themselves in the coil.
  5. Once established, remove String, clip or stocking.

...and SMILE :)


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