Baby's Tears

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Scientific Name: Pilea depressa
Common Names: Depressed Clearweed, Kiereweed, Shiny Creeping Charlie

  • Majestic trailing foliage
  • Super easy care
  • Ideal hanging plant
  • Highly versatile plant
  • Loves moisture

The Baby's Tears, a rather odd name for such a delicate beauty but almost apt when the tendrils appear to be elegantly fragile. However, you'll find your Baby's tears far from tender.

Pilea depressa is a beautiful vine with dense evergreen foliage that has tiny little ruffles on the edges, adding to its whimsical appeal. Native to Mexico these lovely plants are found growing in moist warm conditions. They are known to be forgiving plants as long as you keep them consistently moist and they can handle a variety of lighting conditions, however, prefer being in a bright filtered location to thrive.

Baby's Tears in the right conditions can be fast-growing, making them ideal hanging plants that will look lush and full in no time. So, pop this delicate beauty on a well-curated shelf to add that extra spark and watch its tendril cascade elegantly or place in a hanging basket to create an eye-catching showpiece.

Their versatility knows no bounds and under right conditions, Baby's Tears can do well in a terrarium as a groundcover or fabulously mounted in a green wall filling up all the bare spaces.

However, you chose to display this delicate beauty, know it will bring you an abundance of happy tears.

Please Note: This plant is non-toxic. 

Follow these instructions to keep your Baby's Tears plant healthy and happy.

Water: Keep the soil lightly moist, but not soggy during the warmer months. Allow to dry out slightly in winter.
Light: Bright, indirect light is best. Will tolerate dappled sunlight too. 
Humidity: Appreciates humidity.
Fertilize: Feed with a diluted organic fertilizer every two months

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Baby's Tears (Pilea Depressa) - 12cm
Baby's Tears (Pilea Depressa) - 12cm
Baby's Tears (Pilea Depressa) - 20cm

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