Scientific Name: Strelizia Reginae
Synonyms: Bird of Paradise Plant, Crane Flower, Orange Bird Of Paradise

  • Dramatic Foliage
  • Tropical Flair
  • Indigenous
  • Waterwise
  • Plant Level: Easy care
  • 24cm Nursery Pot 
  • Around 80-90cm tall

    Looking for that statement plant that doesn't take over? Then look no further, than the Bird of Paradise Plant with its magnificent slender stems and fanned out paddle-like leaves with the brightest orange flowers, that are sought after for floral arrangements. This stunner is a cousin of the larger Wild Banana but does not get as mammoth in size, making it much more manageable for smaller indoor spaces.

    You will be pleasantly surprised to find that compared to other tropical plants this is an easy-going addition to your houseplant collection. Strelitzia Reginae though commonly growing as an outdoor plant has made a place for itself as a fast-growing and popular indoor plant. Provide this beauty with bright light to some sun and watch it flourish.

    Native to our sunny part of the globe make the Bird of paradise a pretty hardy and Waterwise houseplant, good for a beginner indoor enthusiast or busy business traveller looking for a bit of that tropical feel at home. 

     Plant Strelitzia Reginae in clusters to create a full dense look or individually as a feature piece. Pair with terracotta for that traditional look or into a sleek black ceramic planter for a more modernistic appeal.

    Please note: The Strelitzia Reginae is known to be toxic to Humans, Cats and Dogs.

    Follow these instructions to keep your Bird of Paradise healthy and happy.

    Water: During the summer months, the Strelitzia will need regular watering to keep the soil moist. During winter and autumn, water less allowing the soil to almost dry out before the next water. Careful not to let the soil be waterlogged.
    Light: Plenty of bright light. Our variety is "soft grown" in a greenhouse, so they won't tolerate harsh, direct sunlight. Some softer direct morning sun will be fine. Too little light and the Bird of Paradise won't be happy. 
    Humidity: Normal room humidity will be fine. 
    Fertilize: Feed twice a month during the growing period (Spring - Summer) cutting back during its dormancy (colder season).

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