Scientific Name: Rhipsalis cassutha
Synonyms: Mistletoe Cactus 

  • Comes in a 14cm nursery pot
  • Fun trailing plant
  • Humidity lover
  • Great for small spaces
  • Plant Level: Easy

Rhipsalis cassutha is an unusual houseplant that really doesn’t look much like a ‘traditional’ cactus at all! In its natural habitat it is an epiphytic jungle cactus, found in warm, humid conditions, growing from trees in the dappled light through the canopy.

This mistletoe cactus is an easy-care houseplant that will allow you to create your very own urban jungle with minimal effort. The plant likes moderate indirect light and especially loves a few hours of morning sunshine.

Water when the top layer of potting mix has started to dry out using water at room temperature during Spring and Summer but don’t allow the plant to sit in water or become saturated. It will be happiest in a free draining potting mix with added perlite and bark. 

This houseplant would look great in the corner of a warm, light bathroom where the increased humidity will create the perfect environment for it to thrive. Its elegant yet fun growth habit means it will look magnificent when displayed in a plant hanger, or set to trail off a shelf. If you like plants with personality, this could be the one for you!

Note: Please be aware that whilst the plant is non-toxic and pet friendly, it’s best to keep out of reach of children and pets (hanging it would be a great way of doing this!)


Follow these instructions to keep your Mistletoe Cactus plant healthy and happy.

Water: Keep the soil lightly moist, but not soggy, during the warmer months. Allow the top layer to dry out slightly in winter.
Light: Bright, indirect light is best. Will tolerate dappled sunlight too. 
Humidity: Appreciates humidity as it is a tropical succulent. 
Fertilize: Feed with a diluted organic fertilizer every month


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