• Classic look
  • Large range of sized pots with matching drip trays
  • Pots have drainage holes 
  • Wider base and shorter sides
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

For a classic pot and plant combination, choose one of our Terracotta Azalea Pots, which come with a matching drip tray. Azalea Terracotta Pots have a wider base and slightly shorter sides, making them great for shelves, macrame hangers and more generally, as a component in a set of terracotta pots.

The pots have drainage holes allowing you to plant directly into the pot. The porous nature of the Terracotta allows the water in the soil to permeate through the pots and provides better drainage for the plant.

Our range of Terracotta Azalea Pots sets come in the following sizes:

Pot Top Diameter Tray Diameter Pot Height
17cm 15cm  12.5cm
21cm  17cm 15cm
27cm 23cm 18cm


Terracotta Pots are made of natural materials and, as such, are porous. The colour of the pots will change due to watering and age. You can wipe away any dirt marks with a wet cloth.

R 115.00