Scientific Name: Peperomia caperata
Synonyms: Radiator Plant, White Sticks Plant, Peperomia

  • Easy Care Table Top Plant
  • Spectacular mottled foliage
  • Great for Offices 
  • Can grow in Fluorescent Light
  • Abundant & curious flower spikes
  • Plant level: Very Easy

Whether you're needing a table top plant for your office, or an easy care and simple addition of life for your home, give the joyful Emerald Peperomia a try with its spectacular mottled colouring.

Part of the popular Peperomia house plant family, the Emerald is well loved for its unique spiralling foliage that is unique in every plant and rather curious, abundant flower spikes

This Pepromia will be happy in a variety of light conditions, including artificial fluorescent light. But be sure not to place her in direct sunlight, as this will burn the leaves. Water thoroughly and then let the soil dry out about 50% in between watering.

It's great for smaller spaces due to it compact growing habit - it won't encroach on your living or working space. Place it on your workspace, a counter top, or shady windowsill, and enjoy this beauty grow.

Please Note: This plant may be toxic. Keep away from animals and young children.

Follow these instructions to keep your Emerald Ripple Peperomia healthy and happy.

Water: Keep the soil barely moist and allow the top layer (about 5cm) to dry out between watering. You want at least 50% of the soil to be dry before watering again. During winter, reduce watering further and allow soil to dry out halfway before watering again. 
Light: Medium to bright light is best. Keep out of direct sun.
Humidity: Appreciates humidity. Mist your plant often to create a rainforest vibe.
Fertilize: Feed with good organic fertilizer (diluted) every month from Spring to Autumn 

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