Scientific Name: Haworthiopsis Attenuata

Synonyms: Zebra Haworthia, Zebra Plant, Haworthia Fasciata

  • Indigenous 
  • Waterwise
  • Internationally Trending Houseplant
  • High Fascination value
  • Plant Level: Easy

Comes in a 10cm Nursery Pot.

This is probably the most common of the Haworthia clan and very distinctive due to its white stripes that give this funky succulent its name. The Zebra Haworthia has deep green pointy leaves striped in white that make it look similar to an Aloe, which it is a subfamily of.

These easy-care succulents are another native to Southern African and are found growing in parts of the Eastern Cape. This makes the Zebra Haworthia another of our drought-tolerant species and will live in most lighting conditions making it ideal as a house plant. If positioned in direct sunlight this little Zebra will flush orange to bright red.

As with most Haworthia, these are compact growers so make perfect additions to spaces that are limited but require a little greenery. Pair your Zebra Haworthia with a classic terracotta or place it in a white planter to accentuate its beautiful stripes.

As always, the Zebra Haworthia is the ideal beginner's plant and should be in any indoor plant collection.

Please note: The Zebra Plant is non-toxic but for the safety of this plant keep out of reach of pets and children.

Follow these care instructions to keep your Zebra Haworthia happy and healthy.

Water: Allow your Haworthia to dry completely between waterings but do not allow to stay dry for extended periods.
Light: Bright indirect light is ideal although your Haworthia can tolerate a few hours of direct sunlight that will make it flush red.
Humidity: Prefers low to no humidity.
Fertilize: Feeding is not necessary.


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