Hurricane Cactus - Lepismium Cruciforme

Scientific Name: Lepismium cruciforme 

  • Waterwise
  • Beautiful and unique colouration 
  • Undemanding and tolerates neglect
  • Plant level: Easy

Our Hurricane Cactus come in a 20cm Nursery Pot. 

A succulent that grows on trees and in rock crevices in the Atlantic forests of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

In your home though, the Hurricane Cactus makes a great house plant due to its presence and personality:

  • It's unfussy - water it once the top layer of soil gets dry.
  • It's fascinating - watch its colour change to more intense reddish hues of purple and pink if placed in brighter light conditions.
  • It's pretty - enjoy the delicate shower of white-pink bloom that adorn its branches during it's flowering season.

Styling Tip: Place it in an elevated position, in a plant hanger or on a shelf, to appreciate its full, cascading foliage best.


Follow these instructions to keep your Hurricane Cactus (Lipismium Cruciforme) healthy and happy:

Water: Check the top layer of soil (approx 3cm). Once this is dry, it's time to water. Do not let the roots dry out. Soak your plant, let excess water run off, and ensure that it isn't waterlogged.
Light: Prefers dappled shade or filtered sunlight. Do not give the plant full sunlight as this would be too intense. 
Humidity: Normal room humidity should be fine, no adjustments required. 
Fertilize: Feed with diluted, well balanced, organic fertiliser during its growing season (spring through summer) once every 2 weeks. During the dormancy period, cut back to once a month. 


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