Scientific Name: Schefflera

  • 15cm nursery pot
  • Medium - Bright indirect light
  • Very easy-care
  • Plant level: easy
  • Available potted in a 17cm Terracotta Pot

Our Umbrella Plant comes in a 15cm Nursery Pot. 

Leaves that open out in the shape of an umbrella, this plant is a classic indoor companion. It is easy to care for and forgiving a little bit of underwatering and lower light conditions. 

The Umbrella Plant, if left to grow, will reach a large height and if you would prefer it to stay smaller and bushier, pinch off new growth at the top which encourages the plant to fill out at lower levels. 


Available potted in a 19cm Italian Terracotta Pot with matching drip tray 

Follow these instructions to keep your Umbrella Plant healthy and happy.

Water: Water thoroughly and allow top 25-30% of soil to dry out before watering again. Be sure not to over water.
Light: Medium to bright, indirect light. 
Humidity: Average or higher household humidity is sufficient 
Fertilize: Feed your plant monthly during its active growing period with diluted fertilizer. Only feed in the colder,dormant months if the plant is putting out new leaves.



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