Scientific Name: Euphorbia trigona
  • Waterwise 
  • 14 or 15cm diameter nursery pot
  • Likes lots of bright light and some full sun.
  • Easy-care
  • Plant level: Easy

Our African Milk Trees come in a 14 or 15cm Nursery Pot and in two varieties; African Milk Tree and African Milk Tree 'Rubra'. The 'Rubra' variety features deep red/maroon colouring on its stem and leaves.

A green sculptural masterpiece. These beauties look like collectors plants and add a striking addition to any setting.

Care-easy, drought tolerant succulents, African Milk Trees enjoy bright light conditions. Place on a sunny windowsill, or patio table to give Trigoma an extra growth boost!


Follow these instructions to keep your African Milk Tree healthy and happy.

Water: Water thoroughly approximately every 2 weeks, let the soil dry out slightly in between
Light: Plenty of direct sunlight - a few hours per day
Humidity: Dry air is best, do not mist
Fertilize: Feed your tree every 2 weeks with a balanced liquid fertilizer during the Spring & Summer growing season

Send us an email for more detailed Care Instructions.


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