Scientific Name: Alocasia Baginda 'Dragon Scales'
Synonyms: Alocasia baginda, Silver Dragon Scale, Elephant Ears Dragon Scale

  • Great statement plant
  • Peculiar texture & coloured foliage
  • Highly desirable & Instagrammable
  • Plant Level: Easy

If you are looking for a hotly trending plant that curiously patterned, easy on the eye, and easy to take care of… then consider the Alocasia Dragon Scale.

Instagrammers the world over have ensured that this fascinating house plant has received a fair share of air time.

It'll enjoy a nice humid environment such as a kitchen or bathroom with bright, indirect light. Allow the top layer (about 1-2cm) of soil to dry out before watering and consider feeding every two weeks during the growing period.

Alocasia Dragon Scale will look great in a plain coloured planter without too much distracting patters, in order to let the foliage come to the fore. You'll enjoy it as a center piece, or coffee table display.

TOP TIP: Consider planting 3 plants together for a full, lush look! 



Follow these instructions to keep your Alocasia Dragon Scales healthy and happy.

Water: Allow the top layer of soil (about 1-2cm) to dry out between watering.
Light: Bright, indirect light, keep away from direct sunlight.
Humidity: Enjoys a humid environment and good air flow. Normal room humidity should be fine, but will enjoy a bright bathroom.
Fertilize: Diluted balanced feed every two weeks, Spring to Autumn, reducing to monthly in Winter.



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