Scientific Name: Anthurium clarinervium

  • Unique addition to a houseplant collection
  • Rare black & dark green coloring with silvery veins
  • Care Easy and Easy to Grow, no advanced skills reqiured
  • Plant level: Easy

Your Anthurium Clarinervium comes in a 12cm Nursery Pot.

Add texture, variety and quirk to your houseplant collection by welcoming this unique floral gem into your home. From the dense rain forests of southern Mexico, this Anthurium adds an exotic feeling in any setting.

Generating flowers on long stems that have the characteristic "spathe and spandix" of Anthurium genus, this plant is primarily appreciated for its dramatic foliage, producing numerous, long lasting leaves per year. You'll be amazed at their texture - does it feel like leather? Or cardboard? And the silvery, slightly fuzzy-hairy features only add to the quirk.

Mother Natures imagination... manifest.

FUN FACT: Anthurium Clarinervium contains both male and female sexes on its flowers. To prevent self-pollination, nature ensures that the receptive female parts mature before the male pollen part, encouraging the likely pollination by a different plant.


Follow these instructions to keep your Anthurium houseplant healthy and happy.

Water: Keep soil moist but not waterlogged during growing season (Spring - Summer) and allow top of soil to dry out slightly between watering, during the dormant period (Autumn - Winter).
Light: Medium to Bright Indirect Light. Anthuriums burn easily, so prevent direct beaming sunlight. Can tolerate lower light conditions during dormancy.
Humidity: Will appreciate high humidity environments, such as bathrooms or close to a kitchen sink. Dry air will cause leaves to dry and brown around the edges.
Fertilize: Regular yet dilute fertilizing during the growing season (Spring - Summer), every 2 weeks, cutting back to once a month during dormancy. 

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