Scientific Name: Clerodendrum thomsoniae

Synonyms: Bleeding Heart Vine, Bleeding Glorybower, Bagflower, Tropical Bleeding Heart, Glory Tree, Harlequin Glorybower

  • Unique flowers
  • Hanging plant
  • Tropical beauty
  • Plant Level: Intermidiate

  • These beautiful tropical vines are sought after for their unique masses of red-tipped white blooms but even without them this houseplant makes a subtle statement with its glossy green leaves. A definite stunner that tugs at the heartstrings. 

    This is however not the hardiest of vines and should be treated with delicacy and attention to keep it looking good, and with the right kind of care this stunner will grow quickly and reward you with a multitude of elegant blossoms. 

    The Bleeding heart vine will seem almost graceful in a hanging planter cascading beautifully overhead. Yet, pair this beauty with a white planter to improve the allure of these subtle flowers to the eye. Allowing the crimson tips to leave you in awe while the lush green foliage winds its way up a trellis.

    Lighting is very important for this vine as too much can dry up the thin leaves while too little can lead to possible overwatering. Place your Clerodendrum thomsoniae in bright filtered light for best results and be sure to keep it out of a cool breeze. This is a pretty thirsty houseplant and the soil should be checked regularly. If the potting medium is dry to the touch it is time to water. If you do miss a watering the Bleeding Heart is sure to tell you with drooping leaves, but after a good drink will perk right back up.

    Please note: Clerodendrum thomsoniae Should be kept out of reach of children and pets.

    Follow these instructions to keep your Bleeding Heart Vine happy and healthy.

    Light: Medium to bright indirect light is ideal.
    Watering: Keep evenly moist and water once the soil is dry to the touch.
    Humidity: Medium to high humidity 
    Fertilizing: Feed every two weeks with a well balanced organic plant food.
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