Scientific Name: Calathea Zebrina
Synonyms: Zebra Plant, Zebra Calathea

  • Outstanding foliage
  • Statement plant
  • Ideal for humid bathrooms
  • High fascination value
  • Plant Level: Intermediate  

Comes in a 14cm or 19cm Nursery Pot.

There is not a person in the world who can walk past a Calathea Zebrina and not comment on this magnificent plants bright foliage. They have outstanding velvety leaves striped with black and bright hues of green that make this plant a true eye catcher.

Calathea Zebrina are generally non-fussy as long as you provide them with their ideal conditions of warmth and humidity. Establishing the Calathea as  an ideal houseplants for a bright bathroom or kitchen. They can happily thrive in general living spaces but will need to be provided with consistent moisture and medium to bright indirect light to keep them looking their best.

Pair this stunner with a unadorned planter to allow this striking plant's foliage to be its focal point. Calathea Zebrina make fantastic floor levels indoor plants and will brighten up any dull corner or will pop among a cluster of other foliage's. However, these stunners will also make a bold statement as a table top centerpiece.

Where ever you decide to display this beauty, just know,it will never disappoint.

Please note: Calathea are non toxic to both pets and humans.

Follow these instructions to keep your Calathea Zebrina healthy and happy.

Water: Keep soil evenly moist and do not let it dry out. Be careful however not to overwater. 
Light: Medium indirect Light
Humidity: Medium to High Humidity is important, mist regularly
Fertilize: Balanced Liquid Fertilizer every 2 weeks



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