Elephants Ear - Stingray

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Scientific name: Alocasia macrorrhiza ‚ÄėSting Ray‚Äô
Synonyms: Elephant Ears ‚ÄėSting Ray‚Äô, Sting Ray Elephants Ear, Stingray Plant

  • Uniquely striking foliage
  • Statuesque
  • Collectors Item
  • Jungle Vibes
  • Plant level: Intermediate

Comes in a 12cm Nursery pot.

If plants had a popularity contest then the Sting Ray Elephants Ear has hands down won the show. These highly sort after houseplants are magnificent in all their glory. Like all Elephants Ears their leaves point upwards and outwards to reveal their deep green ribbed foliage that curiously concludes in a whip tail. Giving the appearance of majestic Stingray.

These are one of the easiest Elephants Ears to care for compared to its counterpart the Alocasia Stingray, note that these two Alocasias are very similar in appearance as both have similar patterned stems, however their leaf shapes differ dramatically. The Stingray compared  does not require excessive care, although they are sensitive to humidity and temperature making them a little more advanced for beginners.

They appreciate warm brightly lit locations but be sure not to expose this slender large leafed beauty to direct sunlight as this will damage the glossy leaves. This enchanter is also very fond of high humidity, so if you have a warm bright bathroom, this will be a great location for the Alocasia Stingray, however, it can handle drier conditions as long as you pay attention to your plant’s needs. Watering is also crucial to keeping this houseplant thriving, Alocasias, in general, prefer moist soil with a brief drying-out period between watering, yet prolonged dryness can be fatal. 

Another important note is that these are deciduous plants, meaning that during dormancy it is common for them to shed their leaves. If this does happen place your plant in a warm bright spot and water sparingly until new shoots appear and resume with regular watering.

Pair your Stingray with an unembellished planter to prevent detraction from its striking patterned stem. Place larger specimens at floor level or on a stand for extra height and smaller plants will look graceful as a tabletop centerpiece. 

Please note: Alocasia are toxic to pets and humans.

Follow these instructions to keep your  Stingray healthy and happy.

Water: Keep soil evenly moist, but not saturated, so ensure that the drainage is good. Water less often in winter.
Light: Bright, indirect light, keep away from direct sunlight.
Humidity: Enjoys a humid environment and good air flow. Normal room humidity should be fine, but will enjoy a bright bathroom.
Fertilize: Diluted balanced feed every two weeks, Spring to Autumn, reducing to monthly in Winter.

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Elephants Ear - Stingray

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