Scientific Name: Kumara plicatilis
Synonyms: Fan Aloe, Franschoek Aloe  

  • Waterwise & Indigenous 
  • Highly prized foliage plant
  • Unique fan like spires
  • Great statement plant
  • Plant level: Very Easy

If you are looking for a green sculptural masterpiece that is waterwise and indigenous, then the Fan Aloe might just be it.

These beauties grow in a relatively small area, from Franschoek to Grabouw, in the Western Cape. As a mature plant, they form graceful 3-5meter trees with forked stems that end in curious fan-line foliage arrangements.

They'll be happy as a potted house plant if you give it a sunny yet well aerated (breezy) spot. Make sure the soil is well draining, and that the plant doesn't sit in water.

Place your beauty as an accent plant as a table centerpiece or on a windowsill.


Follow these instructions to keep your Fan Aloe healthy and happy.

Water: Water thoroughly and then let the soil dry out in between.
Light: Plenty of direct sunlight - a few hours per day - but make sure that the sun isn't scorching hot. 
Humidity: No humidity adjustments required
Fertilize: Feed your tree once a month with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted by half.




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