Fishbone Cactus

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Scientific name: Epiphyllum anguliger
Synonym: Fishbone Cactus, Zig Zag Cactus, Ric - Rac Cactus, Moon Cactus, Queen of the Night

  • High fascination value
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Majestic hanging basket plant
  • Fast-growing
  • Loves humidity
  • Produces edible fruit that tastes like gooseberries

Comes in a 24cm Hanging Nursery Pot.

The Fishbone cactus is a majestic and funky looking jungle cactus native to Mexico. These magnificent plants are sought after for their fast growing deep green wavy foliage and fragrant blooms, which are usually produced in Autumn and bloom at night, owing to one of its common names being the Queen of the night. It is said once flowering is over these gorgeous plants produce an edible fruit that tastes very similar to a gooseberry. 

These easy-care succulents make for ideal beginner plants as they can withstand bouts of neglect, however, like a jungle cactus variety, these lovely plants prefer moderate watering and high humidity. Place this stunner in bright indirect light or a spot that receives soft early morning or late afternoon direct light for best results.

The Fishbone Cactus makes the perfect hanging plant but can look just as magnificent cascading from a beautifully styled shelf. A definite showstopper that will make all who see it green with envy.

Please note: Fishbone Cactus is non-toxic to pets and humans.
Quality: You'll find some natural calluses and blemishes on your plant - nothing wrong with it, just some natural cosmetic characteristic "finish".

Follow these instructions to keep your Fishbone Cactus happy & healthy.

Water: Check the top layer of soil (approx 3cm). Once this is dry, it's time to water. Do not let the roots dry out. Soak your plant, let excess water run off, and ensure that it isn't waterlogged.
Light: Prefers dappled shade or filtered sunlight. Do not give the plant full sunlight as this would be too intense. 
Humidity: Normal room humidity should be fine, no adjustments required. 
Fertilize: Feed with diluted, well balanced, organic fertiliser during its growing season (spring through summer) once every 2 weeks. During the dormancy period, cut back to once a month. 

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Fishbone CactusR 695Plantify - Urban Plantery
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Fishbone CactusR 695Plantify - Urban Plantery

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