Ghost Cactus

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Scientific Name: Euphorbia Lactea "White ghost"
Synonyms: Ghost Cactus, White African Milk tree, White Ghost Candelabra Spurge

  • Highly sought after for its unique appearance.
  • Easy Care
  • Attractive growth habit
  • Love bright light to direct sun.
  • Waterwise

Comes in an 18cm Nursery Pot.

For many, the thought of full lush green foliage is what makes them want to create a gorgeous indoor jungle, but every now and again there comes along an exception. Almost like a statuesque David, the White Ghost Cactus stands pale and proud among its kinsmen and counterparts of the lush tropical world.

This regal succulent is not only gorgeous to look at but is super easy to care for, an ideal houseplant for beginners and experts alike, and is very forgiving of neglect. So if you're looking for a unique gift, this is a definite way to go.

The Ghost Cactus houseplant is a gorgeous pale white with some green patterning and when given enough direct light will have pretty pink tips. Each also has a unique growth habit adding to its structural charm and surrealist fascination.

Be sure to provide your Ghost Cactus with very bright light to some direct sun to ensure it thrives and err on the side of caution when watering as they have adapted to arid conditions, these plants prefer drying out. They will also happily live outdoors on a patio.

Pair this stunner with a complimentary planter be it pale to create a modern accent or something contrasting to draw the eye, no matter which you choose, this houseplant will be a show stopper.

Please note: Euphorbia have a sticky latex that can cause irritation to the skin when touch and is toxic if consumed. Best to keep out of reach of pets and children.

Variety: Please note, your plant may look different to the ones pictured :)

Follow these instructions to keep your Ghost Cactus happy & healthy.

Light: Very bright to direct light is ideal.
Water: Water once the soil has dried out completely. This can average at every two weeks in summer and once a month in winter, it is best to check the soil properly to avoid rot.
Humidity: Average humidity is fine, will appreciate higher humidity but water less often. Do not keep in a bathroom, however.
Fertilize: Feed once a month during the growing season (Spring through Summer) with a weak solution of feed.

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Ghost Cactus
Ghost Cactus
Ghost Cactus

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