Scientific Name: Hoya Carnosa ‘Tricolor’
Synonyms:Wax Plant, Porcelain Flower, Wax vine

  • Fun trailing plants
  • Fragrant blooms
  • Multicolored leaves
  • Plant Level: Easy care

    Our Hoya Carnosa Tricolour comes in a 14cm Hanging Nursery Pot.

    Hoyas are dusting off their dancing shoes and making their way back into the limelight of late. With their long pink-tinged stems and thick variegated leaves Hoya Carnosa ‘Tricolor’ is destined for stardom.

    You’ll fawn over this beauty for its young tender leaves that start out pink while the more mature leaves are either white fringed in deep green or almost completely white, giving you the exuberant tricolor. Alas, this is not the only reason for this house plants re-emergence back into popularity. It has the ability to produce soft pink, almost Porcelain in appearance, sweetly fragrant star-shaped flowers. When your house plant has reached maturity flowers appear in warmer months and if you treat this starlet correctly the Hoya carnosa ‘Tricolor’ will dependently bloom for you.

    This perfectly dreamy trailing house plant is uncomplicated in its care routine and requires bright light, warmth, and slight humidity to prosper. All of these factors make it the perfect indoor dweller. Hoya Carnosa does like a good drink routinely but prefers slight dry spells between each, which is ideal for the more occupied plant lover.

    Wax plants will turn heads when allowed to drap their fast-growing tendrils from a high shelf or hanging basket. Dress this looker up in a classic number such as a ceramic planter or a simple hanging basket to draw attention to its striking leaf variations.

    Please note: Hoya’s contain a latex that can be a skin irritant for pets and humans.



    Follow these instructions to keep your Hoya Carnosa Tricolour healthy and happy.

    Water: Keep soil evenly moist but not waterlogged. Typically, water the plant when the soil recedes slightly from the edge of the pot. In winter, keep the soil a little drier.
    Light: Very bright indirect light, especially if you'd like your Hoya to flower.
    Humidity: Medium Humidity should be fine. Place in "stable" - not too humid or drafty. 
    Fertilize: Balanced Liquid Fertilizer about every 4 weeks in the Spring and Summer.


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