Scientific Name: Hoya linearis

Ok, do yourself a favour and google "Flowering Hoya Linearis".

No need to say more, but couple of keywords should suffice: flowering curtain, immaculate composition, next level.

Couple of talking points for when you explain this enchanting house plant composition to your friends:

- Hoya's are also called Wax or Porcelain Plants
- They come from Australia and South East Asia
- Yes, I've got good taste

We've paired Linearis with locally crafted ivory cotton cord macrame and an earthy Azalea Terracotta Pot. 

Follow these instructions to keep your Hoya Linearis healthy and happy.

Water: Keep soil evenly moist, and in winter, keep the soil a little drier.
Light: Very bright light to indirect sunlight
Humidity: Medium to High Humidity.
Fertilize: Balanced Liquid Fertilizer about every 4 weeks in the Spring and Summer

Send us an email for more detailed Care Instructions.


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