Scientific Name: Philodendron 'imperial green' 
Synonyms: Sweetheart Plant, Imperial Green 

  • Great Beginner Plant
  • Lush & Evergreen
  • Adds Tropical Accents to any space

Our Philodendron Imperial Green comes in a 15cm, 19cm and 23cm Nursery Pot. 

A low maintenance, ornamental plant that does well in low light conditions. Imperial Green adds a lush green, large leafed presence to the bathroom, sideboard or any indirect light setting.

Our Philodendron Imperial is pictured in a medium Basket.


Follow these instructions to keep your Philodendron Imperial Green healthy and happy.

Water: Keep potting mixture moist - do not let the soil dry out
Light: Low to Bright light conditions, but no direct sunlight
Humidity: Will appreciate the occasional misting
Fertilize: Feed every 2 weeks with balanced fertilizer during the growing season.

Check our Sizing Guide for a matching Pot, which you'll find in our Pot and Planter Collection 

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