Jewel Orchid

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Scientific name: Ludisia Discolor
Synonym: Jewel Orchid

  • Eye-catching foliage
  • Different to many other orchids grown in the home
  • Easy care house plant
  • It's trailing habit can make for a magnificent hanging plant

Unlike many of its counterparts, the Jewel Orchid is prized for its foliage instead of its flowers, it grows in potting soil instead of bark and is super easy to care for.

These dazzling plants are loved for their deep green velvety leaves etched with coppery red veins and under leaves that are a blushing deep red. Whilst during winter and the early Spring months these beauties produce towers of small white flowers with tiny yellow lips.

In their native environment, they are found creeping along the Jungle floor, so they do not like much natural light and do best in medium to an indirect bright filtered position. Direct sunlight will leave your Jewel orchid looking washed out and crispy.

High humidity and warmth is also a must for this magnificent plant, but beware of overwatering, they prefer lightly moist soil and want to dry between each watering. Due to their creeping habit across the Jungle floor, these fascinating plants will find their way to the pot edge and eventually will start to cascade over the edge, making them a great candidate for a hanging planter, however, they are best appreciated from above and will make the perfect coffee table centrepiece.

Pair this stunner with a classical planter to allow this unassuming beauty a chance to make a statement.

Please note: Jewel Orchids are non-toxic but to look their best prefer not to be eaten.

Care Instructions

Follow these instructions to keep your Jewel  Orchid happy and healthy.

Light: Prefers medium to bright indirect filtered light to thrive.
Watering: Keep lightly moist to the touch. Avoid soggy soil as this will lead to rot.
Humidity: Medium to high humidity is ideal. Provide this by means of a pebble tray to avoid moisture sitting on the leaves, which can lead to unsightly foliage.
Fertilize: Feed your plant every two weeks during the active growing season of Spring through Summer with a well-balanced plant or orchid feed. Do not feed in winter.

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Jewel Orchid Ludisia Discolor daxi planter
Jewel Orchid
Jewel Orchid
Jewel Orchid (Ludisia Discolor) - 12cm

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