Scientific name: Asparagus plumosus

The soft, yet hardy foliage of the Plumusos Fern gently spreads from slender stalks. Also called the "Climbing Asparagus Fern", this natural creeper sends out feelers, which eventually establish mini-canopies of green lace, at different levels. Really beautiful!

The earthy tones of the textured Terracotta Pot sets off the gentle greens of the Lace Fern perfectly. This waterwise and care easy plant makes a great starter plant, gift or addition to any plant-lover's collection.


Follow these instructions to keep your Lace Fern healthy and happy.

Water: Water well and then allow top soil to dry out before watering again.
Light: Bright, indirect Light
Humidity: Average humidity 
Fertilize: Balanced Liquid Fertilizer every week in summer and once a month in winter


R 90.00

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