Scientific name: Aeschynanthus scooby doo

  • Standard Plant comes in 14cm hanging nursery pot
  • High Fascination Value - unique curly foliage
  • Beautiful crimson red flowers
  • Trailing, cascading quality 
  • Plant Level: Easy

Scooooby dooooby dooooooo....

The sheer glory of this Lipstick variety will have you enthralled!

Dense curly foliage adorns long trailing tendril-like stems, the ends of which are the scene worthy of awe: tight clusters of flowers that lend this beauty its name: screeching red lipsticks.

Lipstick Vines are easy to care for and will flower more readily with regular watering and bright light. 

Styling Tip: Let your plant trail within a hanger, or place on a surface with ample room to let the stems come to their full presence.


Follow these instructions to keep your Lipstick Vine Scooby Doo healthy and happy.

Water: Water generously once a week
Light: Plenty of bright indirect sunlight with preference for some soft direct sunlight
Humidity: Appreciates some humidity, but no adjustments should be necessary in the standard home environment
Fertilize: Feed with good organic fertilizer every 2 weeks during the growing season (Spring / Summer), reduce to once a month in dormancy period.


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