Scientific Name: Muehlenbeckia complexa

  • 20cm hanging nursery pot
  • Medium to bright indirect light. 
  • Also happy with full sun
  • Trailing plant
  • Plant level: easy

Our Maidenhair Vine comes in a 20cm Hanging Nursery Pot. 

Maidenhair Vines are popular houseplants with tiny, evergreen foliage.

Fluff them, let them climb, train them into a topiary or simply let them trail off a shelf. These ultra-versatile plants may look dainty, but they're actually super hardy... Maidenhair's are happy in sunshine or in shade. 

Muehlenbeckia is also a great living mulch for larger pot plants, where they'll fill the base of the tree with a green mat, reducing the rate of water loss.

Great beginner plant, but also exceptionally rewarding for the more seasoned plant enthusiast. 


Follow these instructions to keep your Maidenhair Vine healthy and happy.

Water: Let the soil dry out between watering. Avoid overwatering. 
Light: Medium to bright light levels. Will grow in areas of full sun too, such as a windowsill.  
Humidity: Average room humidity
Fertilize: Feed the plant monthly with diluted fertiliser in the spring/summer 


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